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Can you imagine watching live sports without paying for any service? What if we told you that it was possible? Whether it’s the NBA matches or T20 Cricket World, CrackStream had it all. 

CrackStreams was one of the most popular sports streaming sites globally, with millions of people watching live sports channels for free. Be it football, cricket, baseball, MMA, or boxing, CrackStreams was nearly unmatched when it came to sports content. It won’t be wrong to say that it was a super site for all sports fans, which had everything they needed in one place. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent alternatives out there that will ensure you aren’t without your sports fix.

Let’s look at the top 10 CrackStreams alternatives to stream live sports in 2022.

The Best CrackStreams Alternatives for Watching Live Sports

We’ll take you through all the best CrackStream alternatives where you can stream live matches. These websites already have a large audience, streaming sports matches online using tablets, smartphones, Amazon Fire TV devices, or PCs. 

You should note that there are many CrackStreams mirror and proxy sites. However, they don’t offer services that original CrackStreams once provided. It is best to look for CrackStreams alternatives.

Tip: Remember, many websites claim to be CrackStreams, but none of them is the original site.

At the time of publishing this article, all of these CrackStreams alternatives are up and running. Some of these sites are actively hunted and shut down by authorities. We will eventually post updates in the future. With that out of the way, let’s just right into the options available for you:

1. SportSurge (Paid/Free)



SportSurge is the best free online sports streaming service. It has a wide variety of content, ranging from football, hockey, motorsports, basketball to fighting sports like boxing and MMA. It also provides relevant info like match results, schedule, and more.

Out of all the alternatives we listed, SportSurge had the least amount of ads on their user interface outside the streaming service. But you will encounter timely ads on the streams, as is the case with every free streaming service.

While it is better than all the free live sports streaming sites we have seen, it also has drawbacks. The owners of the website post videos without the owner’s consent. This ultimately makes it a bit risky to use. We recommend using a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN while using SportSurge. Also, always double-check the link you’re accessing, and ensure that it’s correct as there are a lot of websites using the same name.

Monthly Visitors: 1.3 million
Ad Annoyance Level: 2
VPN Friendly: Yes 
Alternative URL:

Read reviews

2. VIPRow Sports (Free)


VIPRow Sports is a popular streaming website with a large variety of sport streams. It has almost all the sports you can think of: cricket, football, rugby, hockey, badminton, even niche kinds like darts and snooker. Moreover, you can access this site from pretty much everywhere globally. All you need is a stable internet connection. It’s free to stream too. This makes it an excellent alternative to CrackStreams.

Monthly Visitors: 523,000
Ad Annoyance: 4
VPN Friendly: Yes 
Alternative URLs:,

*Read reviews:- link

3. FuboTV (Free trial)

FuboTV is one of the best premium sports streaming services on the internet. While it’s a paid service, FuboTV gives you access to tons of popular TV channels, covering most of what cable TV can offer. Sports channels are included, of course.

With its starter plan, fuboTV offers a range of national and local sports programs from NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, and more. You can also watch the Golf Channel, FS1, FS2, BTN, CBS Sports Network, fubo Sports Network, NFL Network, and even international channels like GOL TV and TURN.

If you’re hesitant to pay upfront, fuboTV also has a 7-day free trial option. You can pay after testing the service. There are three payment plans to suit your needs. You also have the chance to watch over 100 channels.

Monthly Visitors: 874,000
Ad Annoyance Level: 0 (paid service)
VPN Friendly: Yes. Works well with ExpressVPN.

4. YouTube TV (Free Trial)

We know this is another paid service, but it’s worth mentioning if you’re looking to stream sports legally (and get access to high-quality streams).

YouTube has its own TV streaming service with a familiar interface and a library of channels to choose from, including most, if not all, sports. YouTube TV is amongst the best premium streaming services. It’s easy to use and works well with Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, along with numerous smart TVs, phones, tablets, and even web browsers.

If you’re looking for a quality alternative to CrackStreams and you don’t mind paying a hefty subscription fee, Youtube TV is for you. The price is around $65/month for unlimited streaming, access to 85 channels, and Unlimited DVR.

Monthly Visitors: 950,000
Ad Annoyance: 0 (paid service)
VPN Friendly: Yes

5. Sportz TV IPTV (Paid)

Sportz TV IPTV

Sportz TV IPTV is one of the best streaming services for watching live TV, movies, and sports. It has a broad collection of channels at a very affordable subscription. It is the most suitable option for those looking to stream international content in HD. Sportz TV IPTV has a user-friendly interface and offers a high-quality streaming service. Users have reported some issues related to buffering.

Monthly Visitors: Unknown
Ad Annoyance: No 
VPN Friendly: Yes 
Alternative URLs: None

6. LiveTV (Free)

You can find many sports channels on LiveTV. It also includes other channels such as news, entertainment, movies, etc. LiveTV is available internationally so that you won’t face region-locked difficulties. You may not find the user interface much attractive, but the website has almost everything you need to enjoy sports.

You can navigate the website using its different tabs, which include Broadcasts, Live Score, Results, Video Archive, etc. The best part is that you don’t have to install any additional software. Moreover, you won’t be redirected to other links while using LiveTV.

Monthly Visitors: 93,000
Ad Annoyance: 7
VPN Friendly: Yes
Alternative URLs:,

7. FirstRow Sports (Free)


FirstRow Sports is another popular free sports streaming service. The main advantage here is the reliable football streams. You can find other sports on the main page, though. So if you’re a football fan, you can count on FirstRow Sports to get you access to free streams. Just like LiveTV, it doesn’t have a very friendly interface. However, you will find all the valuable links right on the homepage.

Monthly Visitors: 312,000
Ad Annoyance: 6
VPN Friendly: Yes
Alternative URLs:,

8. FootyBite (Free)

As you can tell from the name, FootyBite is another popular free streaming service exclusively for football. Its UI is great, but the ads come in the interface from stream to stream. All in all, a good choice.

Monthly Visitors: 120,000
Ad Annoyance: 5
VPN Friendly: Yes

9. VIPLeague (Free)

VIPLeague makes it to our list despite being an old site. It’s a trustworthy and well-known website for streaming live sports. You can always find HD streams here, for free! This comes with a wide catalog of sports categories, like football, baseball, cricket, volleyball, and many more.

Monthly Visitors: 113,000
Ad Annoyance: 6
VPN Friendly: Yes

10. CricHD Live (Free)

CricHD is one of the top free sports streaming services available right now. As the name suggests, this site’s main target audience is cricket fans, but you can find other sports there as well.

Monthly Visitors: 48,000
Ad Annoyance: 6
VPN Friendly: Yes
Alternative URLs:,,

Why Do You Need a CrackStreams Alternative?

CrackStreams was one of the popular sports streaming websites. With it, people could easily watch live sports matches for hours without downloading any paid software. All a user needed was an internet connection and a screen to watch on.

Initially, CrackStreams started letting users stream NFL, NBA, and MMA live matches. Eventually, its creators expanded their offerings to add more sports with increasing popularity. In fact, for some, it was a one-stop solution for sports matches, be it MMA, UFC, MLB, WWE, or NBA.

Unfortunately, the original domain has since been shut down. With our alternatives to CrackStreams, however, you can still enjoy streaming live sports for free. And, with so many options, you don’t have to rely on just one sports streaming service.

What are some features of CrackStreams?

As we mentioned earlier, CrackStreams was famous for watching sports live. There were plenty of reasons behind its popularity. Firstly, the site’s homepage had detailed information about the upcoming sports events. Users could easily find information about the exact time and date to watch a specific event. It also had a very user-friendly website interface that allowed users to navigate through all the pages smoothly.


Moreover, the website organized information by tabs, with each tab dedicated to one sports stream. For instance, there were MMA streams, NBA streams, Boxing streams, NFL streams, and more. Furthermore, CrackStreams also allowed its viewers to communicate in a chatroom located on the side of the stream.

Despite its multiple advantages, it still had faults. Users complained about its unstable video quality from time to time.

Why was CrackStreams shut down?

Let’s address the biggest questions: What happened to CrackStreams, and why can’t we stream live sports on it anymore? 

Lately, CrackStreams users have been finding it difficult to access the website. That’s because the site landed in legal trouble and is now unable to live stream, update or show any sports content. On top of that, Google has deleted most of the URLs associated with CrackStreams. 

But you don’t have to worry. Since such legal troubles are common, these sites keep multiple domains and backups. Moreover, all hope is not lost since the shutdown might not be permanent. As you await its grand return, choose from the alternatives we mentioned above.

Was CrackStreams safe?

Despite the range of sports content offered by CrackStreams, many users questioned its safety and legality. That’s because users often found way too many advertisements on the site. Since nobody checks these links, it isn’t easy to guarantee that these ads will not infect your device with malware. It is best to always use a good VPN and an Adblocker while streaming live sports from any site like CrackStreams.

Is watching live sports for free legal?

People often ask if watching live sports for free on CrackStreams or its alternatives is legal. It is not possible for us to individually identify whether these websites have a proper license. Moreover, each country has a set of policies regarding the streaming of free content online. There’s always a risk attached to any free streaming website. Hence, we advise our readers to use reliable VPN services like ExpressVPN to mask their IP addresses and avoid any legal trouble.

What are other CrackStreams alternatives?

Apart from the alternatives mentioned above, you can watch live sports for free on other websites. Some of them are Jio TV, Stream2Watch, SportStreamtv, Buffstreams, DAZN, UFCStreams, and more. Remember, we don’t personally verify if these websites hold a license to stream sports matches for free.


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