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Bettiah at-glance 

Bettiah is one of the oldest cities of Bihar. Bettiah Raj established in 1244 AD is the 2nd largest zamindar in India. Bettiah Christians are the origin of Christianity in Bihar or say north/east India.

Bettiah is a city and administrative headquarters of West Champaran district -, near Indo-Nepal border, 225 kilometres north-west of Patna, in Bihar state of India
Pic - Bettiah Raj 

  • Area: 24 km²
  • Elevation: 65 m
  • PIN: 845438
  • Weather: 18 °C, Wind SE at 3 km/h, 70% Humidity
  • Population: 1.32 lakhs (2011)
  • Area code: 06254
  • Hotels: 3-star averaging ₹979. View hotels
  • Local time: Monday, 7:18 pm
  • Neighborhoods: Bel Bag Bengali Colony, Bettiah Raj Compound, More

Bettiah is a municipal corporation and an urban agglomeration with a population of around 4–5 lakhs. Bettiah has given us gems like Manoj Bajpai and Prakash Jha.

Now, coming to the city it is very good in education especially among schools because Bettiah has some of the 100+ years old missionaries schools, and K.R one of the schools of Bettiah was ranked 1st in India.

The city has a different vibe from the oldest market Meena bazaar which was established during Bettiah raj. A 150-year-old market.

Post Dusshera a big fair (Mela) begins in Bettiah near the Bettiah Raj Mahal and ends post-Diwali which has a whole different vibe. After every few miles in the city, there are temples that are about 150–200 years old and overall create a whole different vibe.

The ecologically rich district makes Bettiah an even special place to reside in as Valmikinagar and tiger reserve is just a few Km away from Bettiah and even Nepal and Kushinagar are just a few km away.

Bettiah is the 2nd nearest and the largest city in Bihar from Kushinagar international airportBettiah has an internationally recognized badminton indoor stadium and a cricket stadium known as Maharaja Stadium along with another very big ground known as Bada Ramna.

Currently, Bettiah is growing more rapidly and attracting business sales and having brands like KFC, Trends, etc which is in the very few cities in Bihar.

Engineering college, medical College, M.ed college, etc have given the city special recognition in the state.

In the coming years, 2025–26 Bettiah going to be directly connected with the state capital Patna by a four-lane road and will be part of Bharat mala project phase 2.

Why is West Champaran famous for?

The district is known for its fluid border with Nepal. One of the major locations in West Champaran is Kumar Bagh for SAIL Special Processing Unit and Bhitiharwa where Mahatma Gandhi started Satyagrah Aandolan.

The district is known for its fluid border with Nepal. One of the major locations in West Champaran is Kumar Bagh for SAIL Special Processing Unit and Bhitiharwa where Mahatma Gandhi started Satyagrah Aandolan.

Distance between Patna to Bettiah is around 200 km distance will reduce if you are going from Hajipur.

Now coming to your question.

There is Three way to reach Bettiah.

1 . By train -

Nowadays there is a direct train which is being provided from Patna ( say its Patliputra PPTA ) to Bettiah ( same intercity and passenger train has been extended to ppta in place of hazipur ). through train total timing may take 5–6 hours since you will be covering many stopped. you may reach Bettiah while changing different trains from Muzaffarpur.

  1. BY bus -
  • Go to Mithapur Bas stopped ( near Patna junction railway station ).
  • The bus is more convenient if you are okay with the bus journey.
  • Time taken by bus is almost the same as 5–6 hours. and it's more punctual than the train.
  1. By own vehicle.

it would best option you have this privilege . since for sure it will save your time however someone has given an answer.

  1. If U have your personal Vechil then you travel from Bettiah via Areraj, sahebganj, Hajpur, and Patna. The total distance will be 165
  2. 2nd way is via Motihari Muzaffarpur by personal or private vehicle. On this route, you easily get the bus from Bettiah. Distance 185 km via NH28B
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Who is the king of Bettiah?

Maharaja Sir Harendra Kishore Singh was the last king of Bettiah Raj. He was born in 1854 and succeeded his father, the late Maharaja Rajendra Kishore Singh Bahadur in 1883.


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