Why CTR is very low,While i am using the High CPC keyword

Masroor Alam

Dear Readers kindly remember AdSense doesn't pay anyone based on "high-value keywords" which don't exist at all in AdSense.

AdSense doesn't use keywords at all.

If your CTR is low, then the visitors may not be finding your site or finding the content they are interested in on your site. How you promote your site can make a difference in your earnings as well. Sometimes of promotion can result in poor quality traffic, when then also can result in lower CPC.

Why CTR is very low,While i am using the High CPC keyword

Advertisers base their payments on the quality of content; and the type and quality of the traffic. There are other considerations, but if the quality or subject matter of the site isn't what an advertiser is looking for, bids might be lower to appear on the site. If the traffic appears to be very transient; or not that interested in your site (so maybe doesn't even read an article to the end, for example, or doesn't read more than the first article), the earnings aren't going to be all that high (on a per-click basis).
Since nobody knows anything about your traffic or promotion methods, it would be difficult to say how those are affecting your earnings. That's something you would need to figure out.

Let's See an example:-

— Your site navigation is a mess.

On that page, where it says to download "here", that link leads to another article on your site about the same thing.  In that other article, the download link leads again to yet another article, and the site just keeps sending people to different articles on your website with nowhere to download the thing you say you are offering a download for.

 — That's misleading and it drops your earning

Even worse, I suspect the apk you say you are offering would be a violation of copyrights of the original creator of the app (making it piracy). And your pages are literally plastered with ads. Way too many ads.

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