What are semiconductor chips, Why it is More in Demand in car industry

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For a couple of years, the automobile industry is facing a shortage of semiconductor chips. Like other industries, the automobile sector is also going through a recession due to the Kovid-19 epidemic. This sector is also included in those industries, the impact of which other industries related to it have had a direct impact on it. But the impact of the semiconductor chip shortage has broken the back of the auto sector, especially the car industry.


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How Semiconductor Shortages Have Taken A Chip Out Of The Global Supply Chain

Buying a car is seen as a state symbol. There is this mentality all over the world, only by looking at the facilities of the car, common people decide how much is the status of a person. In today's common car, an electronic chip is used for many tasks. Along with the technologies, the facilities provided with the car are also becoming electronic.

These are semiconductor chips and today's cars cannot be imagined without such a chip. With the advent of electric vehicles, the relationship between cars and these semiconductor chips has become deeper and stronger. But for some time now the automobile industry has been struggling with the shortage of such chips.

What is the function of the chip?

Chip is a port device, it is used to save data. In simple words, from the automobile industry to the electronics companies, there is a shortage of chips. Semiconductor chips are used to operate the infotainment system, power steering, and brakes. This chip is very important for new vehicles. This is a small chip, which is used in cars.

The semiconductor is the mind the device of

Many types of chips are used in hi-tech vehicles. Chip is also used in safety features. In a way, semiconductors are called the 'brains' of electronic components. Not only this, auto companies are focusing on electric vehicles. Electric vehicles use more chips than regular vehicles. Therefore, due to the lack of chip supply, electric vehicles can also get a setback.

What is semiconductor

A semiconductor is a material that has properties between that of an electrical conductor and a non-conductor. Its main function is to control the electric current. This semiconductor is made of pure elements, usually silicon. In order to change the properties of the conductor, some special impurity is added to it, which is called doping. It is only through doping that the desirable properties of a semiconductor can be developed. A small electrical circuit is made using this material, which is called a chip.


What is it used for in-car?

With the change, cars are now becoming like computers on wheels. They include automatic driving, communication facilities, and control of engines, brakes, etc., all being done electronically. The entire operation of electric vehicles is only on electronics, in which only fuel is available from electricity. Not only this, different types of sensors are now being installed in cars, and the safety system with increasing features is also operated and controlled by electronic chips.

Why are companies fighting for chips?

Due to the Kovid epidemic, there has been a shortage of semiconductors all over the world. This is having a direct impact on vehicles in India, which was expecting a boom in this Diwali season like the rest of the industry. Even before this season, the sales of vehicles have been badly affected while there is scope for improvement in other areas. Sales of non-commercial vehicles have declined by 20 percent in September this year as compared to last year.

What are the other reasons?

Although the reason for this shortage is being told as the industry and supply system stalled due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, experts are giving other reasons for this, due to which this industry was particularly affected. Supply was affected by a hurricane in Texas and a factory fire in Japan. Chinese companies also hoarded the chip, and the jams at the world's ports also affected it greatly.

What car can't be made without it?

The direct answer to this is an absolute no. The situation is that more and more features of cars are becoming electronic and such chips were used only in luxury cars. Now all types of vehicles are becoming electronic in which even two-wheelers have been included. In such a situation, the demand for semiconductor chips is very high. Whereas the supply chain, production, etc. have not improved or progressed as fast.


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