AdSense payment not received in Current Account of SBI, HDFC, Axis Bank, Icici Bank? Get Solution

Masroor Alam


On the 21st day of January, Adsense released my payment and I got an email around midnight. Now after 6 days today is the 27th day. the amount was NOT getting credited to my SBI INDIA Bank Account. how I am gonna resolve this issue?

Are you feeling anxious? No need to worry, your Adsense payment won’t go anywhere, it will directly come into your bank account. I will share a solution for “AdSense Payment sent but not received”

I want to share my small story with you regarding my Adsense payment. What do I do and what you can do?

You do not worry at all, whoever has an AdSense account, all those people go through this situation at some point or the other, in such a situation, you need to be patient and courageous with yourself, if the money has not arrived at your AdSense account, then I have written a brief post below. you can solve your problem by reading it I received my first Adsense payment two years back.

I got an email from google; payment has been released. like this

I got an email from google; payment has been released

I was so happy because I received my first payment from Google Adsense.

Do you want to know how much I received in the first Adsense payment in SBI Account? I got 250 $.

So, I waited for five days in the hope of receiving payment.

As days passed, I didn’t receive any payment in the SBI account. I contacted Google Adsense through support, no response I got. They asked me to wait another ten days for credit in the bank.

Then I waited another ten days in the hope of obtaining payment. As days went along, I didn’t meet any payment in the SBI account. Now, I directly went to the bank and asked them if there was any outstanding income in the name of my account from Google Adsense.

You already knew the attitude of Indian Bankers; There was a madam, I inquired about payment. She said I am not in charge of the forex department. She asked me to go to the Forex manager. I went to the sir, and I explained to him about the payment I am going to receive from Adsense. 


Firstly, they behaved like I am doing ammunition or drug business. They asked all the shit, why you are receiving online payment and what work you are doing online. Many bankers don’t have an idea about Google Adsense. 

After all the explanations, they asked me to fill the form. It contains the bank account details, name, address, and payment receipt from the Google Adsense you received.  

No payment after 15 business days? The AdSense Support Team can help

Follow these steps:

  1. Provided 15 business days have passed since your payment was issued after that Adsense Team contact your bank.
  2. Adsense team works with your bank to locate your payment and take any necessary actions.
    Note, as banks are busy, you might have to wait up to three weeks for an update on your payment.

To contact Adsense for solving the issue request with SWIFT copy/UTR to track your payment, fill out this form.

Payment not received in the Current account of SBI, HDFC, AXIS, ICICI, Or any Indian Bank.

If you have provided your current account in the Adsense payment system, then you will never be getting automatic payment like a saving account, If google releases payment and 3 days of payment released day your current account is not credited, then don't worry about your payment is safe and you get paid with 24 hr. once you reach your bank, Contact your Bank Manzer with Payments details that you have received from google Adsense in your email, 

Your bank manager provides foreign fund declarations form, You need to fill and submit it on their hands, once the process is completed within 24hr. your account credited, 

Note:- You must need to follow these steps every month to get paid in your Current account, So I request to you, Use the savings account of any bank to get paid automatically without any dealy...


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