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Boku No Pico is a Japanese Anime that came out in the mid-2000s and the series garnered a mixed response and Boku No Pico in fact a Shotacon which is the abbreviation for Shotaro complex wherein older male is attracted to younger boys and Boku No Pico Anime that cover this genre generally showcase young adolescent male in a suggestive manner that objectifies them. Not many Anime has come under this genre. And Boku No Pico that came under this genre received a significant amount of hatred. Read the article below to know what is Boku No Pico.

Boku No Pico

What is Boku No Pico?

Boku No Pico is an original Japanese Anime released across 3 years - the series had 4 episodes of which the first episode was released in 2006, the second and third in 2007, and the fourth in 2008. The Anime comes under the genre Shotacon which is, in fact, an abbreviation for Shotaro Complex, a complex where an attraction to young boys who are 16 or below is portrayed. Boku No Pico Anime is also categorized under this genre because the story deals with 3 young boys and the attraction of other male figures in the anime towards them.

The Anime as stated earlier is a Shotacon that deals with three young boys namely Pico, Chico, and CoCo. 

The series garnered a mixed response from the audience through many were against what was shown in the series one main reason for this negativity is that Boku No Pico anime portrayed vulgar images of children and had elements in it that made it seem very much like Hentai, a kind of Anime and  Manga that was excessively sexual. Many have been wondering about What Is Boku No Pico About to understand why there is so much hatred is streamlined towards this Anime. 

Who Wrote Boku No Pico and Who Created Boku No Pico?

The Anime series Boku No Pico was not inspired by Manga it was an original Japanese Anime. Katsuhiko Takayama is the Boku No Pico author who wrote all three series while Katsuyoshi Yatabe is the creator of Boku No Pico in the sense that Katsuyoshi Yatabe directed the series. Many who came to know about the Boku No Pico creator after watching the series were surprised because the person who created the Boku No Pico series is also known for creating other great anime series like Full Metal Alchemist . after the release of the series in 2007 a Manga was created based on this Anime called the  Ame no Hi no Pico to Chico written by Aoi Madoka.

Boku No Pico Translation to English What Does Boku No Pico Mean?

There are doubts regarding which language the phrase Boku No Pico belongs to. The Japanese phrase Boku No Pico clearly expresses what the Anime with the same title is about. Boku No Pico translates to My Pico which signifies the ownership one has over Pico since ‘My’ is a possessive term. The term Boku No Pico has become a slang now with the phrase pointing to the meaning awful or unpleasant because of the content of the series that made those who watched it feel uncomfortable.


What Is The Boku No Pico Opening Theme Lyrics?

Despite not having many fans who were in favor of the series many enjoyed the Boku No Pico intro lyrics. But even the lyrics had init graphic material that had huge chances of being censored. Given below are the Boku No Pico Opening Theme Lyrics

  • Koi wo shiyou yo kisu suru mae ni
    Koi wo Shiyou yo me wo mitsumete
    Koi wo dakishimete
  • Te wo tsunagou machi no shigunaru
    Kawaru shunkan yuuki wo dashitara
  • Koi wo shiyou yo kisu suru mae ni
    Koi wo shiyou yo mou hanasanai
    Itsumo no sora ga mabushiku naru ne
    Dokidoki no mune hora kikoeru
    Kaze ga hashiridasu
  • Te wo tsunagou gyutto doko made mo
    Asa no hamigaki hiru no ranchi sae
  • Issho ni ikou poketto no naka
    Hyakuendama to choko futatsu dake
    Densha ni Surete tooku ni yukou
    Natsu no umibe ni tadoritsuite
    Hataka ni narou yo
  • Hapinesu aishiteru
    Hapinesu hora ne
    Hapinesu arigatou
    Hapinesu Kimi ni
  • Koi wo shiyou yo kisu suru mae ni
    Koi wo shiyou yo mou hanasanai
    Itsumo no sora ga mabushiku naru ne
    Dokidoki no mune hora kikoeru
    Kaze ga hashiridasu
  • Hapinesu atsunitage
    Hapinesu ageru
    Hapinesu daisuki sa
    Hapinesu kimi wo
  • Koi wo shiyou yo kisu suru mae ni
    Koi wo shiyou yo tokimeki shimete
    Koi wo Shiyou yo te wo tsunai de
  • Koi wo shiyou yo kisu suru mae ni
    Koi wo shiyou yo futari de zutto
    Koi wo shiyou yo me wo mitsumete
  • Koi wo dakishimeyou
    Koi wo dakishimeyou
    Koi wo dakishimeyou

Boku No Pico Why is it Disgusting?

Almost all who watched the series Boku No Pico have expressed a negative attitude towards the series because of what is portrayed on screen. There are many reasons why this show was hated by people who watched it. Some of the major reasons for Boku No Pico Why Is It Disgusting are listed below

  • The Boku No Pico anime had no definite plot. The episodes of the anime were released across 3 years with one or 2 episodes releasing a year. And almost all episodes were extremely graphic and showed excessive sexual content.
  • The Anime Boku No Pico had elements of Pedophilia wherein an older male is sexually attracted to a younger boy. Tamotsu, a worker at Bebe seduces Pico mistaking him for a girl. He in fact molests and rapes him even after knowing that Pico was a boy. 
  • The excessive amount of sexual content, especially the nonconsensual sexual content has made all those who watch the series cringe with contempt.
  • There are also elements of Stockholm Syndrome Child pornography wherein Pico and his friends Chico and CoCo indulge in intercourse and all these three boys are between the age of 13 - 16. Stockholm Syndrome can be seen in Pico who starts admiring Tamotsu.
  • Unrealistic Portrayals of characters and relations
  • No character development seen throughout the series

Where Can I Watch Boku No Pico?

There are many Boku No Pico ways to watch but most of these are 3rd party websites. Not many official websites that host online series like Netflix and Amazon Prime have streamlined this show. Generally, the public opinion is to avoid watching this series that objectifies children. 

Boku No Pico Characters - Listed below are some of the major characters in the Anime Boku No Pico

  • Pico
  • Tamotsu
  • Ojisan
  • Chico
  • CoCo
  • Oneesan

Boku No Pico - FAQs

1. What is Boku No Pico?

Boku No Pico is an original Japanese Anime under the genre Shotacon that deals with 3 young boys

2. When did the first episode of Boku No Pico come out?

The first episode of Boku No Pico came out in 2006

3. Who wrote Boku no pico?

Katsuhiko Takayama wrote boku no pico series

4. Who are the three young boys in Boku No Pico?

Pico, Chico, and CoCo are the three young boys in Boku No Pico.

5. Who directed the series Boku No Pico?

Katsuyoshi Yatabe directed the series Boku No Pico

6. Why is Boku No Pico Disgusting?

  • No definite plot
  • Has Elements of Pedophile 
  • Graphic and vulgar details
  • Molestation and rapes showed in the series


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