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What is Perfect Money?

perfect money

Perfect Money is a different asset from fiat currency, it is a digital model of currency that we cant store or feel like old fiat currency, Perfect money is also called e-currency and it was initially launched by a start-up in the year 2007, in the City of Panama, This digital mode of currency is the store or kept secure just by some keyword in the digital app, The company provides the app for both Android and iOS versions, but lots of its functions only work in the web form, You can download apps by just click here( Android app | iOS app) or visit its official website (www.perfectmoney.com) 

In the event that you have a Perfect Money account, a bit by bit measure on the most proficient method to finance your Invest Markets record can be found here.

In the event that you don't have a Perfect Money account, you should simply enroll here.

Where do we use perfect money?

As above we see that perfect money is Digital currency and we can't feel or store it in our purse or locker, it is used only in digital form, Today there are lots of merchandise that allow accepting payment from perfect money or cryptocurrency like bitcoin for selling their product online, You can use perfect money in the following area...

✅ Forex trading
✅ Making a payment online
✅ Buy or sell products online
✅ Buy services on freelance sites...
✅ HYIP investment( We never recommended investing online anywhere)
✅ Making payment for Goods and Services around the globe.

How to enroll for perfect money?

Getting a perfect money account is so easy, the most effective way to get a perfect money account instantly is...

1. Go to the official website of the Perfect Money

2. See overall the page structure and try to find out singup menu, once you get to click on them ( Go to the direct signup page) 

3. You get enrolling form where 9 blocks are found, you need to fill in the asked details,


A. ) Account name

B. ) Your Full name

C. ) City name (where exactly you live)

D. ) Your full address like House no. Street name, landmark

E. ) Choose your country of residence

F. ) Zip/postal code ( its also called area code or Pincode in some countries)

G. ) Email id ( You just need to write correct and working mail id because you get your accounts details like Member ID only in your provided email id,)

H. ) Write your phone number (it is optional you can either write or just leave blank)

I. ) Choose your account type ( Perfect money provides two types of account 1. personal, 2. Business account, you need to choose as per your requirements)

J. ) Choose a password, confirm password, write turning number inbox & checked the terms and conditions box, now click on the register... 

4. Check your email

5. You get a member ID and lots of information there...


Official Perfect Money site

To begin working with the installment framework, you should go to the authority site of Perfect Money, referenced previously. 

On the top board of the primary page, click the "Register" button.

perfect money registration form

Is Perfect money safe to use?

Perfect Money

Perfect Money is an e-transfer system based around its own e-currency. This company has been pushing to gain more of a share of the market among its competition, though it has definitely been an uphill battle. With multiple currencies, assets, and exchanges, this e-transfer system could be the next best thing to a Swiss bank account,

Perfect money Users are definitely able to hold multiple Digital currencies and assets in their accounts. Perfect Money, founded in 2007, with a slogan of  “universal payments system” & was founded in Panama to be a flawless platform for online payments. System users can transfer money between each other, accept payments, store funds, and more. Storing your money in an account can accrue interest while providing a wallet from which to pay for goods and services at a number of online stores make regular payments online, or. Users are also able to purchase and hold Bitcoin, gold, USD, and EUR within their wallets. Your account has multiplied layer of security that definitely secures your assets from hackers, Perfect money provides the following types of security layers for each and every user...

Perfect Money Security

The Perfect Money security system has been developed by a scientific research group of specialists in the field of information and financial security. The PM engineers have managed to create an ideal tool for Customer's security by using:

✅ long-term experience of the PM analysts in operations with financial instruments on a large scale;
✅ Technologies of the artificial intellect of Customer's authentication;
✅ Online monitoring of security level and Customer protection performed by the security service of Perfect Money.

Security toolbox of PM Customer includes the following:

identity Check

This tool is used for the identification of a PM account Customer. This instrument is a kind of an artificial eye for Perfect Money which does not necessarily recognize someone by his/her face but provides the possibility to identify the computer used to enter the account. In case if the Customer authentication is performed from the net or subnet of IP addresses that are not related to the account owner, the system blocks the entrance to the account and sends an additional safety code to the e-mail specified during the account registration. The change of an IP address is made individually with the help of the Perfect Money Support Center.

SMS Authentication

This system is used for the creation of a logical connection between the Customer account and his/her cell number to which the System sends a confirmation code to identify the real account owner. SMS Login system is the most perfect and reliable method of Customer protection from a non-authorized account entrance because the time spent on the whole operation of the code exchange and its entering into account is extremely short and insufficient for a cracking operation.

CodeCard Protection

The customer gets a card with a graphic picture of the code sent to his/her e-mail address. To confirm the transaction the system sends a Customer an inquiry on a random order delivery of the definite code from that card. code card is a convenient and reliable protection measure to confirm transactions. It has proved itself in the majority of the most prominent financial institutions of the world.

Is Perfect Money Regulated by any authority

Yes perfect money is an online payment system and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (UK) Read more


Startup Research & Investments LTD

Official Website





Financial Conduct Authority (UK)

Platform Type


Mobile Platform

Yes (Android & iOS)


Mac OS, Windows, IPAD

Free Account


Perfect Money Fees

Perfect money fee varies from account types, deposit and withdrawal methods, we study details that how much perfect money charge as a fee with its users...

✅ Verify account = Transfer fee between account - 0.5%
✅ Unverified account = Transfer fee between account - 1.99%
✅ Deposit fee By Cash in bank account = Vary from Exchange to exchange 
✅ Withdrawal fee In Indian Bank account - Varies from Exchange to Exchange 
✅ Deposit via Western Union = 2% of total amount...
✅ Withdrawal Via Western Union = 2% of the total amount
✅ Exchange perfect money to Bitcoin = 2.5%
✅ Exchange Bitcoin into perfect money = 3%
✅ International wire transfer = 7% 
✅ Internal Bitcoin deposit = 0%

Perfect Money Apps

Perfect money allowed its user to download the latest app on both devices Android and iOS...

This app includes the following functions:
- sign up/in your Perfect Money® account
- make p2p payments
- currency exchange
- quick transaction history overview
- deposit and withdraw money from the system
- activate/buy Perfect Money® e-Voucher
- add new accounts
- work with support tickets


How to SignUp/ Open an account

Account creation 

Perfect money and its services are not allowed in India by the government or any authority, if anyone is using that means they are in risk mode. To get the perfect money account you need to visit the perfect money official website (Official website link), Getting started with perfect money is easy and very simple, In just a few steps you get the right perfect money account, Keep your mind if you are a U.S citizen then don't think to create an account, because perfect money not allowed to do business for U.S citizens, If you are outside of U.S then read and follow further steps to get perfect money account today...

Steps for Register on the perfect money website 

  • (a) Visit the official website of perfect money (Official site link )
  • (b) Fill registration Or Account opening form.
  • (c) Confirm the registration by entering the ID code from the email (Id code sent by perfect money )
  • (d) Note:- Creation or registration on the perfect money website is free. and there are two types of perfect money account 1. Personal account 2. Business account

To start with perfect money payment system first go their official website On the top panel of the main page, click the "Register/Sign Up" button

perfect money sign up

 Next, you will find Create an Account

Perfect money account opening form

For complete registration on perfect money you need the following data - Account name (Nickname), Full Name, the real address of your residence place, working email, mobile number, account type (personal or Business), your choice of password and you will also need to go through the captcha verification, need to acceptance of the terms and condition of the site, After entering al the data click the "Register " button

Next to the perfect money official system will be sent two e-mails. the first one arrives in your inbox with ID Code ( id code is confidential don't share it with anyone) that you must use to enter in your perfect money account, and the second e-mail arrives with a brief guide on how to funded and withdrawal into your account that we later read in this article.


How to Login to Perfect Money Account?

Now its time to log in to your first created e-currency account (perfect money)To login to Perfect Money, you need to do the following:


1. Click on the “Login” tab.
2. Enter client ID and password.
3. Confirm your actions.
Next, we read more details in the member area of perfect money

perfect money login form

After successful login, New page opens the client area (personal account) where you see like this.

perfect money member area

The users of perfect money account holder can be seen their account status in corresponding data block of the "my account section " 

Perfect Money allows its user to reduce risk factors for making online transactions in just a few steps of modification in the member area.

There are various types of user authentication available in the perfect money system, by default it sends a security code to the client's e-mail if users try to login with a different computer IP address, this is a free feature of perfect money for their all clients.

SMS authorization (paid option) – Every time you log into your account, the system will send an SMS with a PIN code to the client’s mobile phone. The received code must be entered for authorization in the system. Each SMS message costs $ 0.1.

Code card – by activating this option, a set of codes will be sent to your e-mail, which must be used for each transaction of sending funds.

API – This option is used if you need to configure automatic payment acceptance.

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Where to Used a Perfect money account?

What are some ways I can use Perfect Money?

Perfect Money is a universal system that was created as a perfect tool for online payments. Here is what you can do using Perfect Money:

✅ Make money transfers between users;
✅ Accept payments on behalf of various business projects on the Internet;
✅ Make regular payments on the Internet;
✅ Store funds in a secure electronic account and receive interest;
✅ Pay for goods and services in various online stores;
✅ Store your assets in cryptocurrency with no risks and no need to set up an additional wallet;
✅ Buy Bitcoin, gold, USD, and EUR currencies online;
✅ Borrow and lend funds on your own terms

What are Perfect Money-supported currencies?

Each user account is a multicurrency one. It is subdivided into 4 different currency accounts:

  • USD (PM units, the equivalent of United States dollar)
  • EUR (PM units, the equivalent of Euro)
  • GOLD (PM units, the equivalent of the precious metal, expressed in troy ounces)
  • Bitcoin (property rights for the publication of entries in the global public database of bitcoin.org network on behalf of Perfect Money are reserved by Startup Research & Investments LLC);

How do I become a customer of Perfect Money?

- To become a customer of Perfect Money, you need to register in the system.

How to get the perfect money account app for Android and iOS devices?

Perfect Money offers a lackluster app. It is capable of the majority of the system’s features including currency exchange, deposit and withdrawal money from the system, make p2p or p2b payments, receive payments, a transaction history overview, and activate/buy Perfect Money e-Vouchers to name a few. The app meets the minimum criteria of an app for an e-transfer platform.

Download Perfect Money App


How to Buy, Sell, Exchange Perfect Money?

How to buy, sell, exchange perfect money

Depositing into a Perfect Money account is not as easy as some other payment systems. Accepted deposit methods include bank wires, instant bank transfers (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium only), Certified Exchange Partners, cash terminals (Russia and Ukraine only), Bitcoin, and e-currency.

Since Perfect Money does not handle all deposits and withdrawals of fiat currencies and encourages its users to interact with Exchange Service providers; the exception to the rule being bank wires, which can be sent directly to an account once it has been completely verified. These accounts only hold Perfect Money Units (a form of cryptocurrency), which is why an exchange is required to load the accounts.

Though they add an extra step and often time to the deposit process, the fact that there are so many different Exchange Services means there are also a plethora of accepted payment methods to use. Each Exchange Service is different and offers its own list of payment methods, accepted currencies, and fees.

If you are Indian and want to buy, sell, exchange perfect money Click here

Which Forex Broker accept perfect money 

Forex Broker that accepts perfect money as deposits and withdrawal system

Perfect Money was established with an aim to provide a flexible electronic, online payment system to suit the need of various businesses, accept payments, transfer money, and store funds safely, etc. Guided by the principle to achieve perfection, the system was created for the user's convenience along with the possibility to set security settings individually. Moreover, the Perfect Money system delivers a fast speed of transaction without conservative controls that banks are usually influenced, thus the client can enjoy a quick, yet highly secured payment method. 

What is also pleasant, is the low-cost performance fee, the customer signing-up an account and then performs deposits or receives money with a commission from 0.5% or even for free, along with the interest on account funds. The range of accepted currencies and methods widely presented and including Cryptocurrencies makes traders consider this payment option strongly. For that reason and more from their benefits, the following Perfect Money Forex Brokers included the payment option to their offering.

✅ FXTM -
✅ Exness
✅ Go market
✅ Pepperstone
✅ BDSwiss
✅ HotForex
✅ XM

Recommended  Forex Brokers - Exness 

Read More:-

How to transfer perfect money USD to an Indian Bank account?

Converting Perfect Money electronic currency to fiat currency or other payment tools is simple. Money can be withdrawn through bank wires, a Perfect Money Prepaid Card, e-Voucher, e-currency, Bitcoin, or Certified Exchange Service providers.

Perfect money account user can send and received perfect money USD instantly in Indian from any corner with this link

What is the difference between a premium and a partner account?

The differences are simple; a Premium account has exclusive features like more specialized customer service and reduced fees. To be granted Premium status members must meet certain criteria. A client should be registered with the system for a year and deposit no less than $100,000 USD(or the currency equivalent) into their account. Exceptions are made and can be applied provided the client’s turnover has surpassed the $100,000 mark.

On the other hand, a Partner account is a privileged account as well, however, it is generally opened by an agent of an exchange or payment system. This status is only awarded the Perfect Money Administration. This status helps optimize B2B payment processing for online businesses. Basically Partner and Premium are like VIP statuses for businesses and individuals respectively.


Perfect Money prepaid card/e-Vouchers

Though Perfect Money claims to offer a prepaid Visa card there is little information about how to go about purchasing one and the fees around using it. More often mentioned are e-Vouchers which act as cashier’s checks for users.

perfect money voucher

E-Vouchers are special codes that can be used to deposit or withdraw to and from Perfect Money accounts. They can also be sold or given to other users and can be created instantly in the withdrawal section of your account. Convenient as they may be unless you know another user who is willing to give you cash or make an immediate bank transfer these vouchers are not a great way to withdraw money. When creating e-Vouchers unverified customers are charged 1.9% of the amount, while Premium members pay only 0.5%.

Discover more

E-Vouchers can be quite a convenient way for users to send money, they can even be sent to people who are not yet Perfect Money members, unfortunately, not many companies accept them. The point of a system like this one is that it is supposed to make sending and spending money convenient for its users. Sending money is not overly convenient when the companies you work with or buy from do not accept the payment method.

How to buy Perfect Money in India?

Buy perfect money via Paytm, UPI, bank wire, cash deposits, Western union, phone pay, online transfer, is a very easy and simple way to top up your perfect money account, There are lots of exchanges in India that provide these services, But it is a difficult task to find out which one is Best. 

If you want to buy  perfect money, sell perfect money, Exchange perfect money USD with your local payment options in India, Then you are on the right platform,
We are India's most trusted and reliable perfect money exchanger, you can exchange your cash balance with Perfect money USD instantly through us, We deal our services through (Click here Whatsapp.)

How to Sell, Exchange Perfect Money with INR in India?

If you have perfect money USD and want to withdrawal into Paytm then you are in the right place, here we deal to exchange perfect money to Paytm, Perfect money to PayPal, Perfect Money to Indian bank account, Perfect money to INR with the lowest and most secure way,

We (www.e-exch.net) are the most trusted e-currency exchanger in India and currently dealing both India and internationally, we have done more than 5000 exchanges since 2017 and everyday doing well,  

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exchange perfect money usd into PayTm
Trusted exchanger 

Letmeask.net is the best e-currency dealer since 2017 and almost more than 5000 transactions were completed without any issue...We have verified e-currency exchanger and we are verified by perfect money official website check image below...We are deal online through Whatsapp 24x7 days a week 

  • Contact our team for instant buy/sell e-currency on +91-9431530088

Is Perfect Money safe and reliable? 

Perfect Money is a safe system, account security is a top priority. If a new IP address or browser attempts to log in to account access is initially denied and a message is sent to the user’s given email address with a PIN code to verify that it is the account owner logging in. The user must then enter the code to gain access. This is an automatic procedure enabled on every account.

Perfect Money Customer Care Communication in English

Perfect Money’s English site has many mistakes, more than ought to be accepted by a company seeking to hold your financial assets online. Much of the site is understandable, but there are sections of entirely incomprehensible language.

For example, this bit of text can be found on the company’s ‘About page’, “The pink of absolute perfection that crowns world e-commerce henceforth will be presented by an ideal financial institution – Perfect Money which aims to bring the transactions on the Internet to the supreme level.” 

Though this is not a particularly important sentence, it is an example of the more extreme mistakes on the site. Seeing that the company does not have a close eye for detail on the page that describes who the company is, begs the question could they be cutting corners in other places.

When dealing with an e-wallet or any payment system understanding the information provided to you is essential. Not making the effort to ensure all of the text on their site is clear could be a sign of a lack of focus

Conclusion: 62/100 – Recommended

perfect money review 2021


Does Perfect Money work in Nigeria?

Yes. Perfect Money is available in most countries including Nigeria. The notable exception is the United States of America. No US citizen or resident of the US can open or operate a PM account.

What is Perfect Money in India?

Perfect Money is an e-transfer system based around its own e-currency. Users are able to hold multiple currencies and assets in their accounts.

Does Perfect Money work in Uganda?

LocalBitcoins is the best place to buy Bitcoin in Uganda with Perfect Money. It is easy, fast, and secure. Sign-up today and start trading Bitcoin with people like you.

Is Perfect Money legit?

Perfect Money is legit, but it's not safe as a bank account. It's an offshore company registered in Panama, they are dealing with a lot of HYIP scammers (it's main fiat service used by scammers)

How can I get Perfect Money?

All you need to do is to indicate the receiver's e-mail address, the exact amount, and the account you want to send money from. The recipient will receive an e-mail containing a special link to the Perfect Money website. Once registered at Perfect Money, your recipient will be able to get the transfer.

Can I buy Bitcoin with Perfect Money?

In addition to all the existing services, now you can also use Perfect Money to buy bitcoins on Paxful. Paxful makes the process of purchasing BTC with Perfect Money a whole lot simpler. Pay with Perfect Money to have bitcoin in your Paxful wallet in less than an hour.

How do I withdraw money from Perfect Money?

You can withdraw Perfect Money currency via Bank Wire transfer to your online banking account or to a third party. If your business partners or some service accept only Bank Wires you can also withdraw Perfect Money currency via Bank Wire as a payment for services or goods.

Who is the owner of Perfect Money?

Perfect Money is an electronic cash system that allows making instant payments and money transfers online. The system starting time is 2007. The owner of the system is Perfect Money Finance Corp. (Panama).

Which is better WebMoney or perfect money?

WebMoney - Licensed payment method from Russia, having a good reputation and used by many companies. Highly secure, payments are reversible in case of disputes. Perfect Money: Payment received in Perfect Money is non-reversible, Not a properly licensed payment method. Payza: It's crap.

Can I transfer money from Perfect Money to PayPal?

Recharge your PayPal account using Perfect Money

So when you get extra PerfectMoney you can send it to your PayPal wallet simple and convenient.

How do I verify my perfect money account?

To verify your account you need to upload a scanned copy of your ID (passport or driving license), a scanned copy of the utility bill containing your name and address, and to confirm the mobile phone number entered in your user profile,

Is perfect money a Cryptocurrency?

Perfect Money accounts denominated in a specific crypto-currency is an excellent opportunity to store value. In contrast to crypto-currency wallets, Perfect Money accounts do not require technical expertise to set up and safely maintain.

How to withdraw money from Perfect Money to M-Pesa

  1. Open an account with a Perfect Money certified currency exchanger using a verifiable email address.
  2. Verify your account and address by uploading a valid ID/passport and a copy of your bank statement or utility bill respectively.

How do I convert Perfect Money to Bitcoin?

Exchange Perfect Money to Bitcoin

  1. Step 2: Choose the Perfect Money USD in the blue column on the left. Then choose Bitcoin in the green column on the right.
  2. Step 4: Then enter your PerfectMoney wallet address. Beneath you will see the Bitcoin amount you will receive.
  3. Step 5: Enter your Bitcoin wallet address.

Can I use perfect money in us?

Use of the Perfect Money system by US citizens and permanent residents is strictly prohibited. The system reserves the right to block the registrations originating from the USA or from US citizens located abroad due to local laws and regulations.

What currency is PM?

Perfect Money (PM) live price in US dollar (USD).

How can I buy Perfect Money dollars?

Buy Perfect Money Dollars in Pakistan

Just sign in through your Google account and the rest of the process is fairly easy. You can buy e-currency through Jazz Cash, EasyPaisa, or through a bank transaction. Exchanging perfect money with other currencies like Paypal and Skrill is also possible with C4Changer.

How can I buy PM with my debit card?

Methods to Buy Perfect Money with Credit Card:

  1. Type the name and address of your own Credit/Debit Card.
  2. Insert your card number.
  3. Insert Perfect Money account number.
  4. Determine the exchange amount.
  5. Published your order.
  6. Obtain your PM funds.

What is the Perfect Money app?

Perfect Money® - a popular online payment system now on your Android device! Note that as this app is a convenient way to operate your Perfect Money® account, however, it does not have all functions available in the full web-based version.

Where can I buy cheap perfect money in Nigeria?

Below is a list of 7 trusted exchangers for perfect money in Nigeria

✅ MyTopExchange.
✅ Naira 4dollar.com.
✅ Instant Exchanges.
✅ Digital Xe Nigeria.
✅ Gold2Naira.
✅ Nigeria Gold Exchange.
✅ Standard Gold Nigeria.

How can I fund my perfect money wallet?

If you need to load your internal Perfect Money account, you can use one of the following deposit options:

  1. Internal transfer.
  2. Bank wire.
  3. Certified Currency Exchange partners.
  4. E-Voucher.
  5. Bitcoin.
  6. Credit Exchange.

How do I fund perfect money with PayPal?

Can I send money from PayPal to Perfect Money? Yes, you can transfer money between accounts using the alternative method. However, PayPal doesn't provide you with an option to do it. On the other hand, you cannot find an option in Perfect Money to receive Money from PayPal as well.

How do you get crypto with Perfect Money?

Buy Bitcoin (BTC) with Perfect Money

  1. Sign up – Create an account and you will automatically get your free Bitcoin wallet.
  2. Find an offer – Once you have an account, choose the mode of payment, the amount of Bitcoin you're willing to purchase, and your preferred currency, and click Search for Offers.

Is perfect money available in Bangladesh?

Perfect Money is the third popular online payment solution in Bangladesh (The first one is: PayPal). ... You can open a Perfect Money account from Bangladesh (Which is not possible for PayPal). You can also verify your Perfect Money account by submitting your Bangladeshi documents.

Is perfect money available in Pakistan?

Perfect Money in Pakistan is not directly available but the customers can make the settlements internationally and trade in forex by using the services of the third-party platform. The sale/purchase, deposit, and transaction of Perfect Money in Pakistan are too easy and secure with the reliable e-currency exchanger.

How can I transfer my perfect money to my bank account?

You just need to follow THREE SIMPLE STEPS and your Perfect Money account is funded!

  1. Fill out the bank wire request form.
  2. Receive the bank details for the transfer.
  3. Go to the nearest bank or send a transfer via internet banking.

Does Perfect Money require verification?

In line with our continuing commitment to transparency within our system, we encourage our customers to verify their Perfect Money accounts. The verification process is as straightforward as possible and should not take more than 72 hours if a customer follows the instructions closely

Can we use perfect money without verification?

In Pm, you can use the transaction without having to verify the data you submit to the PM, but here are the difference in cost if you withdraw money in PM if it is not verified will be put on pieces that more than accounts that are diverikasi.

Does Perfect Money have a card?

Perfect Money Prepaid Card is connected with a Perfect Money account like UXXXXXX. This account is printed on the back of the card. You can send Perfect Money dollars to the Provided Account like, U1XXXXX, This will appear as your account balance. you can spend these funds anywhere like a normal credit card

How can I register for Perfect Money?

  1. Go to the official website of the Perfect Money payment system.
  2. Fill out the registration form.
  3. Confirm the registration by entering the ID code from the email

Where I can use Perfect Money?

What are some ways I can use Perfect Money

  • make money transfers between users;
  • accept payments on behalf of various business projects on the Internet;
  • make regular payments on the Internet;
  • store funds in a secure electronic account and receive interest;
  • pay for goods and services in various online stores;

How do I pay with Perfect Money?

To send a payment, you need to go to the "Internal Transfer" section and click on "Single payment" which is in the same line with the account you want to send money from. After choosing the account for this transaction, you need to fill out a payment form: Enter the amount you want to send.

What is a perfect money account?

Perfect Money is a leading financial service allowing users to make instant payments and to make money transfers securely throughout the Internet opening unique opportunities to Internet users and owners of the Internet businesses.

What is the protection code in Perfect Money?

The Perfect Money® protection code confirmation is a transaction initiated by the owner of a Perfect Money® account to complete money enrollment from another Perfect Money® account to his/her own account.

How do I withdraw money from Perfect Money?

You can withdraw Perfect Money currency via Bank Wire transfer to your online banking account or to a third party. If your business partners or some service accept only Bank Wires you can also withdraw Perfect Money currency via Bank Wire as a payment for services or goods.

Is Perfect Money available in Japan?

The large and multinational client audience of Perfect Money has suggested the idea of multilingual service and very soon, already in May, the payment system will be available in 12 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Greek, and Spanish.

Can I buy Bitcoin with Perfect Money?

In addition to all the existing services, now you can also use Perfect Money to buy bitcoins on Paxful. Paxful makes the process of purchasing BTC with Perfect Money a whole lot simpler. Pay with Perfect Money to have bitcoin in your Paxful wallet in less than an hour.

Does Perfect Money have an app?

Perfect Money presents the Android OS app!

Android OS device owners will find the mobile application extremely useful when performing nearly any Perfect Money account management tasks (click here to download). Android OS app will bring the best of Perfect Money account functionality right into your mobile device

Can I delete the perfect money account?

Click on the recycle bin icon on the top right corner of the screen. Click "Yes" to delete the account. Then to remove the bank connection entirely from the app, you will need to delete your entire user data. To delete a currency, make sure you've deleted all records using that currency first.

How do I get a Perfect Money e-voucher?

Solution: Ask a person for his/her phone number. Log into your Perfect Money account, make a payment to your mobile phone, and within a second the recipient will get an SMS to his/her device with your e-voucher details. Later that person will register a Perfect Money account and activate an e-voucher.

Which is better WebMoney or perfect money?

WebMoney - Licensed payment method from Russia, having a good reputation and used by many companies. Highly secure, payments are reversible in case of disputes. Perfect Money: Payment received in Perfect Money is non-reversible, Not a properly licensed payment method. Payza: It is crap

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