What is OTG and how is it used?

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OTG allows the connection of input devices, data storage, and A/V devices. OTG can allow you to connect up your USB mic to your Android phone. You could even use it to edit with your mouse or to type an article with your phone. An OTG cable is different from a USB cable.

What is OTG

What is OTG

Before talking about OTG Cable and where is its use, let's talk about OTG Full Form. Actually, OTG is Full Form On The Go cable.

OTG Cable is a medium to connect any Smart Android Device to other devices, from which you can easily transfer data here and there or operate by connecting one device to another device.


For example, suppose you have a Smart Android Phone in which you want to transfer some data, for this, you now connect your mobile to a computer or laptop, which is an old, limited, and very long process. In such a situation, if you have an OTG cable, then you can easily do this work. All you need is to connect the OTG Cable to your Android device and on the other hand, connect the device from where you want to take data like a pen drive.

Your Android device has a Micro USB port. To connect the OTG Cable, you have to plug it easily by looking at the Male Female side, after which other devices like OTG Pendrive have to be installed on the other side of the cable. As soon as you install OTG Pendrive, you are ready to use that other device from your mobile.

Phone Charging


Phone charging becomes a very big problem at times during the journey or anywhere outside the house, in such a situation, if you have an OTG cable, then you can easily charge your phone by connecting one phone to another. The phone which will have more battery in it will be called Host. Provided that its battery is more charged.

Game Controller


You might be surprised to know but it is true, just as you play a game by connecting a game controller or remote with your gaming console, in the same way, you can use OTG cable to connect the Game Controller, after which you can connect to your gaming console. Any game on an Android device will be playing with the help of the controller. Provided the gaming controller is in the USB port.

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Smart Phone and Camera

If you are interested in photography and get troubled by memory cards while traveling outside, then OTG Cable will prove to be very helpful for you here. You can easily transfer videos and photos by connecting your camera to your mobile.

Portable Hard Disk

If you have a lot of data available and you use a portable hard disk for that, then you will need an OTG cable to connect to your Android device.

LAN Connection

If you are stuck in such a problem where you have cable for internet connection but the router is not present or due to some reason it is not working then you can connect LAN to your device with the help of OTG Cable. For which you just need OTG. With LAN connector will be required.

Sound Card

If you are thinking that the quality of your mobile's mic is not good, then you can connect a different sound card through OTG.

USB Keyboard

Many times we feel lazy while typing more on our mobile or else it is not that easy. So for this, you can connect the keyboard with your mobile which will work great and you will be able to enjoy typing with the keyboard on Android.

USB Mouse

If you want to see the cursor on your mobile like laptop and computer and want to use all the options through cursor instead of touch, then you can connect USB Mouse via OTG Cable. Which is very interesting to hear.


Even a little wind brings great relief in the summer season. In such a situation, if you are stuck in an emergency and there is no option for air, then you can connect USB Fan through OTG Cable.

USB Light


If you are a selfie lover and your front camera does not have a flashlight, then you have the option of connecting a USB light with an OTG cable. From which you can enjoy the front light. Also, if you are stuck somewhere where there is no light or power cut, then you can use it there too.

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