What is the fastest way to delete Bulk emails in your Gmail inbox?

Masroor Alam


Fastest, Safest & Effective way to delete 10,000 emails in your Gmail inbox?

I will tell you 2 ways to delete multiple emails at once. The first method will be according to the category (Social, Updates, Forum, promotions) and the second will be according to the sender or text. Here I have given the example of Gmail, however, you can apply these methods on other yahoo mail or Hotmail also.

1. How to delete multiple emails at once according to category

Gmail divides incoming emails into 4 categories in your inbox. These are four categories – Social, Updates, Forum, Promotions. Like Facebook, Twitter emails come in the social category. Similarly, promotion emails bring mails like Deals, Offers, Newsletters, etc. And if you have created an account on shopping websites like Amazon or Flipkart, the products suggested by you also come in this promotion emails and you also know this. email is of no use…

After logging in to Gmail in the browser, now follow the steps given below to delete.

Step 1- Go to the Promotions tab on the left side of the browser window.

Step 2– Now go to the checkbox and select according to your convenience like if you want to delete all unread messages then click on unread and if you want to delete all messages ( read, unread, starred, unstarred) then click on All.

Step 3-Now let's assume that you click on all, this will select all the emails on that page.

Step 4- Then click on delete, this will delete all the promotion emails on that one page.

how to delete multiple emails in gmail

Now suppose there are so many messages in your promotion emails that they are not able to come in all one page, then how to delete them all? I have about 13907 Promotions emails in my inbox and 100 emails appear on 1 page, so I have too many pages to delete. Now to delete the emails of all the pages in Promotions emails at once, follow the above steps 2 and 3 and select Select all conversations in Promotions and then click on the delete icon.

Delete email in group

2. Delete email by send or text

Some companies or senders mail so much that your inbox is filled with their messages, it would be good to delete their messages together like I am bothered by the industry buying and freelancer, so this time all their messages have to be deleted. . I have shown all the steps number wise in the photo below.

Step 1- Open your email and enter the name of that company or service in the search box, this will show all the emails of this company together.

Step 2- Now select all by clicking on the number 2 check box.

Step 3- Now click on delete, your only messages have been deleted.

Step3 to delete bulk email

And finally, delete these emails from recycle bin…

How to delete unwanted emails forever?

Now all the emails you deleted above, all those emails after being deleted go to the trash folder of your email and they remain the same for 30 days and get deleted after 30 days if you delete them from here. If you want to do this, select all the messages and delete them by clicking on the trash icon, the advantage of this will be that your Google Drive storage will be empty.

How to recover deleted emails?

Suppose you have deleted some such messages if they were necessary, then you can bring back that message. All your deleted messages stay in your trash folder for 30 days, so to bring back that important message.


Step 1 – Go to Trash and Search
Step 2 – Click on the box to the left of the message
Step 3 – Click on the move icon

Now a list of folders will appear in front of you, select the folder where you want to keep this important email.

Bottom Line 

Friends, I am sure that you must have liked this post on how to delete the email (How to delete email in Bulk). Here I have told 2 ways to delete multiple emails at once with one email. Use whatever you feel is right and now there will be no problem in finding important emails. Here you also learned to recover deleted emails. I deleted 3000 emails while writing this post. Now it's your turn to clean up your inbox a bit by deleting your useless emails. If you feel this post is helpful for you then plz share and Comments...


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