What is the difference between Modem and Router?

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Difference between modem and router?

Difference between modem and router

1. Modem

The modem is used to send and receive data, it connects us to our internet service provider.

Allows internet access.

The full name of the modem is modulator-demodulator which means it modulates and demodulates the signal.

Modulation is the process in which a low-frequency wave is converted into a higher frequency wave with the help of a carrier wave. A low-frequency wave cannot travel a long distance, so to increase its range and the wavelength of the low-frequency wave will be more and we need an antenna of the one-quarter height of the wavelength to send that signal, that's why we also call the signal to modulate that the height of the antenna also decreases. The process of demodulation is used at the receiver side, it is opposite to modulation.

A normal modem modulates the digital data into an electrical signal (analog signal) and is demodulated at the receiver side as it happens in a telephone connection.


The function of the router is to receive the digital signal from the modem and make it available to the connected devices in that network.

The function of a router is to connect more than one device to the same network.

There are many devices connected to the router but only one device can be connected to the modem.

Modem's job is only to connect you to your ISP and exchange data by modulating and demodulating the signal. The function of a router is to make connections between networks from one network to another.

Nowadays modem and router come through in the same device.


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