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👍 MovieFlix is a broadband movie provider that allows individuals to stream and download movies of various genres.

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Presently, several illegal and legal sites and apps have come up that provide viewers with old and new movies, web series, tv shows, documentaries, etc. Moviesflix is one such illegal site that offers similar services. All latest movies and other artistic creations are available in HD quality on this site. The website has a huge collection of old and new movies that simply amazes its users. Read below to know more about this site. 

Moviesflix is an illegal website like other pirated sites (Tamilrockers9xmoviesextramovies, Onionplaymoviesflix123moviesGomoviesMp4moviez, Or Filmyzillais very famous but blacklisted by google and other search engines because of piracy. Tamil Rockers is a torrent website that facilitates the illegal distribution of copyrighted material, including television shows, movies, music, and videos.

MoviesFlix (2021)


About the Movieflix 2021

The Movieflix 2020 was established back in 2011. Over 9 years, the site has gained immense popularity as an illegal torrent website that provides free movie streaming and downloading opportunities to viewers in various formats. the Movieflix has emerged to be a place where viewers can get all sorts of movies, old and new in HD quality. Initially, the site offered only Malayalam movies, but now has a humongous collection of mobile of all kinds, Punjabi, .arathi, Bollywood, Hollywood, etc.


In addition to movies, one can also download or stream web series, tv shows, documentaries, etc on this site. Before going any further, know that this site is an illegal one, and browsing throughout any of such kinds of sites is considered to be a crime in India. The original site has been banned by the Indian government. But the site keeps changing its domain name and continues to function smoothly. Searching on Google,” the Movieflix or the Movieflix 2020 won’t fetch you the original site, because Google has deindexed the site. 

Categories if movies available 

Several categories of movies are available here. Some of them has been mentioned below: Malayalam 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015 Movies

  • Malayalam dubbed movies A-Z
  • Tamil HD movie download
  • Malayalam dubbed movie collection
  • Malayalam MP3 and Video Songs

Features of the Movieflix: 

Apart from downloading Malayalam movies, you can also download the latest Hollywood Dubbed, Bollywood, Telegu, and other south Indian movies. Movieflix’s movie collection will never leave you disappointed. 

  • The structure and interface of the site will amaze you surely. It’s user-friendly. The site can be accessed from mobiles, laptops, PCs, etc. This free movie downloading site offers all old and new movies in 320p, 1080p, and 720 p formats, allowing users to download and stream in their desired format. Due to its quality of service, it has emerged to be one of the fastest-growing movie downloading sites in India. 
  • The site provides its viewers with satisfaction by offering several categories of video standards. You can pick up one of your choices. 
  • You can download your favorite tv shows, web series for free too to watch later. 
  • In their last update, the site removed unnecessary bugs, ensuring bug fixes as a result of which there are fewer chances of your app crashing. 
  • This site has super-fast servers that help users in various ways. 
  • This site’s user-friendly UI enables users to navigate through the site easily. 
  • The Movieflix app’s size is quite small, hence doesn’t occupy enough of your device storage. 

Is it legal to download movies from Movieflix 2021?

Browsing through Movieflix or any other pirated site is considered to be a crime in India. These are illegal sites and if anyone is ever caught to be streaming or downloading movies from such sites, the policy has every right to arrest that person and imprison him as per the anti-piracy law. Streaming and downloading movies from any such site indicate that you too are supporting the illegal piracy business.


Hence, as viewers, we must stop using these sites. Unfortunately, the Indian government hasn’t yet taken stern measures to stop the piracy business and as a result, these sites continue to infringe copyright and operate smoothly at present. However, there have been cases when individuals who were found to be associated with any of such illegal sites were arrested by police.

How to Get movies from the Movieflix site? 

Streaming or downloading movies, be it Bollywood dubbed, Tollyw wood, Hollywood dubbed, Malayalam, Telegu, or Tamil, is very easy on the Movieflix. You can do it by following the below-mentioned steps: 

  • Click on the active site of Movieflix. 
  • On the home screen, search for your desired movie. You will then be redirected to another page where you will get the streaming or downloading option. Below that, you will see a window having a play button. 
  • Now decide whether you want to stream the movie online or download it. Accordingly, click on any one of the two options. That’s all you have to do.

If you don’t have an account created on Movieflix, you might have to come across certain advertisements while streaming or downloading the movie. Keep closing all irrelevant ads with patience. Also, see that you have a high-speed internet connection so that the movie gets downloaded quickly.

Why you should avoid downloading movies from the Movieflix site? 

Similar to the advantages, the website has some drawbacks as well. First of all, Movieflix is not a legal movie streaming site. Visiting the Movieflix 2020 website might create a problem for you. The website is destroying Tollywood, Kollywood, and other film industries by leaking all the latest movies on their theatrical release or before their official release.

Despite taking action against Movieflix or other piracy websites such as TodayPk, Movierulz, and 123 Movies, these websites continue to operate with impunity. If you visit the site, you are unknowingly supporting this illegal business. As per the reports, owing to the piracy business in India, the film Industry bears a loss of more than Rs. 1800 crores every year. Hence, despite using illegal websites, you have several safe alternatives.


Why should we not use the Movieflix site?

As has already been said, Movieflix is notorious for leaking the latest movies on its site in HD resolution for free download. Because of this, the Indian film industries have to suffer losses every year. The box office collection of the new films gets reduced drastically because once the latest films are made available to viewers at no cost, they stop buying tickets to watch movies in theatres. Producers, as a result, don’t get compensated for the amount of money they have spent in shooting one film. 

Everyone knows the hard work and dedication involved in making a complete film. Now, if that film reaches everyone free of cost, it’s unfair. The entire cast and crew should get what they deserve and as responsible citizens, we must respect that.

Besides, every time an individual browses through the Movieflix, he is not not only unknowingly supporting the piracy business and causing losses to the film, but he is also sharing his mobile’s information and data ignorantly. These sites don’t ask viewers to log in but these sites earn money from third-party advertisements, which aren’t safe.

Reports show that the Indian film industries lose approximately 2.8 billion every year to such pirated downloads. Indian viewers comprise the second largest group to use illegal torrent sites for free movie downloads.


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