Truecaller app on mobile will be dangerous?

Masroor Alam
Keep in Your mind, Truecaller app on mobile will be dangerous?

How Truecaller breach your privacy

To be read the full article till the end | You will know why it is dangerous.

Do you also want to keep your privacy and personal data safe and confidential? Then this post is for you! Today I will tell you, why you should not use Truecaller! You already know how popular Truecaller has become today! And almost everyone keeps it in their MOBILE PHONE! But do you know what it is playing with your privacy?

That is, with whom do you talk, with whom do you chat, and even your Call Recording is also being stored on its server! But how?

4 Big Reasons: Why You Should Not Install Truecaller?

So friends, today we will learn about this issue! Why you should not use Truecaller? How does this breach our privacy? And how else does it leak our personal data?

✅ What is Truecaller and how does it work?
✅ How does Truecaller make money?
✅ Why should we not use it?
✅ And how can we use it without sharing our data?

If you too are serious about your privacy and data! And if you want to know the answer to all these questions, then read this post completely! Before knowing why we should not use it, we know that what is this thing? How does this work? And how does it make money?

What is Truecaller?

You must be confused when your mobile number is getting a call from an unknown number! Until you contact that number, you do not know whose unknown number is! So this is the only concept of the Truecaller App! Just understand that this is an app that tells you the address of any unknown number! Whenever a call is received on your mobile from an unknown number, Truecaller shows you the name of the owner of that mobile number on the call screen itself!

It is a Phone Number Search App! Which works through both Website and Application! It's currently available for both iOS and Android!

How does Truecaller work?

First of all, you should know that like all other apps, this is also an app! But as soon as you install Truecaller on your phone! It instantly sends all your data (eg, contacts) to its server!

Now there are many people like you who have installed Truecaller on their mobile. So it is obvious that it also picks up their data and stores it on its server!

Now it happens that all the people who have installed it on their phone! The data of all of them have been stored on the server of this app.

…and now the thing comes that how does Truecaller recognize any unknown number? So let's get to know it too!

How Does Truecaller Identify Unknown Numbers?

As we know by now that Truecaller keeps everyone's data on its server! Now its AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning are used here! By which it is decided which mobile number is saved in which name in whose mobile.

How Does Truecaller Identify Unknown Numbers

And then a Common Name will be chosen from those names! After doing all this, for a particular number, a common name is mapped with that number! And then he will keep this data stored on his server. So that he can use it when needed!

Whenever a call will come on your mobile from an unknown number! After that Truecaller will search those mobile numbers saved in the database of its server! And it will make sure with which name this number is mapped! Then it shows the mapped name with that number on the call screen of your mobile.

That is why it is called Crowdsourcing! Meaning they do not have any data of their own! They are giving us service with our own data! Wow, brother what's the matter!

How does Truecaller make money?

Now you must have understood very well how the Eco-system of Truecaller works! So now let us know what is its Earning Source? What are its main ways of earning money?

✅ Data Sharing
✅ Truecaller For Business


Yes, this is the best and easiest way to earn money! Almost all companies also resort to advertising to earn money!

Truecaller how to make money

You must have seen that whenever a call comes on your mobile, you will get Ads. Looks! Advertisements are also shown to you on their website! And apart from these, you also get Ads in its Mobile App. Appears!

Data Sharing

Perhaps you would also know that in today's era what is the value of our data and how valuable is it? Yes, at the moment our data is more expensive than any crypto-currency! And a lot of companies are also misusing it to their advantage!

And Truecaller does the same thing but in a legal way! It sells our own data to another (Third-party) company according to the need! Let us understand with an example:

Suppose a company only needs the numbers of the people of Delhi! Or need information about how many users are there in Delhi! So that company will contact Data Sharing Companies like this Truecaller! Then that company will buy the data by paying money!

Friends, don't ask, how much do they earn from this? Our own data is taken from us and sold with others! And from here they earn big money!

Truecaller For Business

No matter what the company is, everyone does promotion and promotion in many ways to increase their business! And one of these ways is to promote through phone calls! But by repeatedly making phone calls from the same number on the same issue, people spam that mobile number!

Now whenever a call comes from that Spam Number, Truecaller makes it Spam Show! That's where the work of earning Truecaller money starts!

Many companies pay Truecaller to reduce their number's spam score! In return, Truecaller reduces the Spam Score of that phone number! People start seeing that number again as an ordinary number! Due to this, the person in front sees the number Spam Free and he receives the call!

Why should we not use Truecaller?

By now you have come to know about Truecaller! But now we come to our main issue of today! After all, what are the three reasons keeping in mind that we should not use Truecaller!

Yes, I am going to tell you three such big reasons! Knowing whom you may also uninstall Truecaller from your mobile! So let's look at those reasons! Because we love our privacy!

1. Suspicious Permission Access

If you look at its Permission Access, almost it asks for all the permissions of our phone! And this is where its game begins to play with your data and privacy!

Here you have to allow all permissions from Camera and Microphone to Location! I'm going to show you a screenshot of its Permission Access! Look at yourself and think about what it can do with these permissions of yours!

Suspicious Permission Access of Truecaller

Do you know what a mobile application can do by taking access to your phone's microphone and contacts? If you do not know then this is very important for you to know! Let me tell you about it!

If any mobile app is asking for permission to access your phone's microphone! So it clearly means that he can record your voice at any time! Whether that voice is about the things you do on the call or whether it is recording!

Similarly, taking access to Contacts means that the numbers saved in your mobile are no longer yours only! All these contacts are synced with your mobile and stored on the server of that mobile app!

So friends, now I have told you only about 2 permissions! With the permission of the rest (eg, Storage, SMS, Location) more serious activities can be done! For example, with the permission of SMS, that app can easily read your OTP too!

Just think, what if the application that you have installed on your mobile is not trustworthy?

2. Truecaller Privacy Policy

All the things I have told you so far, this is not just a piece of information! Because Truecaller itself has mentioned all these things on its Privacy Policy page! He has clearly told on his website that what things he collects from your mobile!

Truecaller Website – Privacy Policy Page

I have shown you the screenshot of its Privacy Policy page! You can see for yourself in this that what data it picks up from our mobile and takes it on its server! If you want, you can also see it by visiting the Privacy Policy page now!

You can see Installation and Use by visiting its Privacy Policy page! If you look here, it has been clearly told that (what is the setting of your phone?, what is your IP address or who is the device manufacturer? with whom and what do you talk to on the phone call? etc…) is collected

Now you have come to know that what these people are taking from us legally only! And it has been downloaded by 100 Million+ people on Google Play Store! And these people also tell on their website that they have been trusted by 250 Million+ people!

3. Misuse With Your Data

You know very well what data Truecaller collects from you! But you do not know that it can also misuse your data! Meaning it can leak your data! Or can sell to a third party!

And we know that Truecaller also sells our data! See, if the company is trustworthy, then the chances of data leak are less! You must have heard that such a well-known company (Facebook) has also been accused of sharing data!

Now you must be sure that why does Truecaller collect so much data? Obviously, it does it to your advantage! And it's a foreign company anyway! Which collects the data of India and stores it on its server!

Let me tell you that once in India it was forbidden to use many apps! Whose list included Truecaller? At that time many experts believed that Truecaller leaks our data!

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