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Bettiah – City of Princely Heritage


Stepping into Bettiah, you are transported back in time through the numerous historical sites and monuments that adorn the cityscape. throughout the Mughal era, it absolutely was the defense of the formidable zamindari estate called Bettiah raj. located in Bihar’s West Champaran region, Bettiah is additionally notable for its important role in India’s freedom struggle. it absolutely was at the center of sage Gandhi’s Champaran nonviolence movement. Once teeming with vast indigo plantations, Bettiah is today home to little farms of wheat and sugarcane that add to its rustic appeal. located getting ready to the Indo-Nepal border, Bettiah’s vivacious cultural heritage makes it a treat for travelers.

Unraveling Bettiah’s Delights

Bettiah is strewn with marvelous reminders of its past splendor. to urge a more in-depth examine the city’s zamindari heritage, visit the raj Kachahri. The impressive Circuit House takes you back to the colonial era.

Bettiah is additionally value visiting for its nonsecular significance. a number of the outstanding Hindu shrines here embrace the Hindu deity Mandir, Kaali Bagh Mandir, and Santwan Das math. A seventeenth-century Catholic Missionary Church is additionally value visiting.

A great time to go to town is between the festivals of Dussehra associated Diwali once an annual truthful is control at the dominion Kachahri courtyard.

Moving Around

There is no dearth of economical and accessible native transport in Bettiah. town buses ply on major routes at intervals town and additionally connect it to residential district regions. However, the cycle rickshaws area unit is the foremost common means that of transport in Bettiah. they'll be employed directly from the streets at cheap fares. Auto-rickshaws are out there in most components of town.

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Friendly Tips

Bettiah experiences severe heat throughout summer creating it associate unfavorable season for travelers.

As Bettiah may be a small town, most areas are isolated at night and it's advisable to stay inside.

How to Reach Bettiah

You can reach Bettiah by train. Bettiahis one of the foremost widespread train stations in Bettiah.On a mean concerning nineteen trains suffer Bettiah on a usual. Sugauli to Bettiah, Narkatiaganj to Bettiah, Gorakhpur to Bettiahare a number of the foremost widespread routes to Bettiah with twenty-seven, 26, twenty-six trains weekly severally.

By road, Bettiah is encircled by Narkatiaganj, Gopalganj, Ramnagar that area unit twenty.89 km, 24.23 km, 26.96 kilometers away severally. These places area unit ideal spots for folks to arrange their short weekend break.

Where to remain in Bettiah

There are many hotels in Bettiah where you can safely stay and enjoy a beautiful night of west-Champaran.

  • Kisan Hotel
  • Amrapali 🏨 Hotel
  • Bharat Jalpan
  • Amarpali 
  • Milon
  • Kedar Guesthouse
  • Hotel jolly grand
  • Hotel Supriya grant international
  • The triple crown 🏨 
  • Ridhi & Sidhi
  • Kajal International 
  • Hotel Santi International 
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