What is Rice purity test?

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The Rice Purity Test is a progression of 100 inquiries as a self-reviewed overview that endeavors to rate the blamelessness of an individual by posing inquiries identified with drugs, liquor, sex, the law, and other various types of underhanded exercises. Instances of inquiries incorporate have you at any point been seeing someone, oral sex, run from the police, and so on The test starts with the most guiltless inquiries, (for example, have you at any point clasped hands sincerely) and afterward advances to dirtier inquiries, (for example, have you at any point paid or been paid for a sexual demonstration). It will show you your outcomes at a rate between 0 to 100, where 0 is the most un-unadulterated and 100 is the most unadulterated. The expectation behind making the Rice Purity Test was to check the development of undergrads so they could bond serenely with upperclassmen.

What is rice purity test

Who created the Rice Purity Test?

The Rice Purity Test was created by Rice University to test the maturity of their students and to help them build relationships with upperclassmen based on their experiences. The original version of the Rice Purity Test was created in 1924 and was initially only given to women. Since then, more versions have come out that include more modern questions. Now, college students take the Rice Purity Test purely for fun and to compare their answers to their friends’ answers. An interesting experiment would be to take the test at the beginning of your freshman year of college and then at the end of your senior year, or on your birthday every year, to compare your new scores to your past scores so that you can see how much you have matured.

Where can I take the Rice Purity Test?

You can take the most popular version of the Rice Purity Test on the official Rice Purity Test website, As I mentioned earlier, the test gives you your results in the form of a number between 1 and 100, and the higher your score, the more innocent you are considered to be. Here is a simple scale to help you analyze your score more in-depth:

Between 100 and 98:


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