MyFlixer is a free Hollywood, Animated, Bollywood, and South Asian motion picture watching site. MyFlixer has in excess of 10,000 motion pictures that you can either download or observe live in HD quality.MyFlixer is an unlawful website. An old assortment as well as has late motion pictures and Tv shows simply allowed to watch.


Indeed Myflixer is protected to watch motion pictures and programs. It doesn't contain any infections, despite the fact that it has some pilfered motion pictures and programs for the most part of Bollywood and other entertainment worlds. Myflixer contains motion pictures and television programs for all ages, it is family cordial in addition to it doesn't contain any grown-up content. 

Parcel of individuals have to worry about does Myflixer has copyright for every one of the films and television shows they have on their application, well the specific answer is no. They have pilfered and motion pictures and television shows on their application.

Is MyFlixer illegal?

Well, it is an illegal site but if you are not registered then there is no risk. We can’t say that this site is a scam because it is not black-listed yet. We should stay away from this website when it’s illegal and should choose the right option to download movies.

MyFlixer movies:

As we know that we can watch movies on Netflix too but Netflix does not offer users free services then there is no harm in watching movies for free only on MyFlixer. MyFlixer movies 364 are above 10000. You can download any movie and watch it later when you’re free.

MyFlixer .com is a clean site, even ads do not irritate. MyFlixer is a site where you can watch any type of movie either Hollywood or Bollywood or any other country movie and for this, you even do not need any sign-up or registration I have personally been using this site for 2 days, and believe me I enjoyed watching movies of any type I like, either new or old all you’ll get in MyFlixer com

MyFlixer is not able to be trusted because it gives illegal movies to watch and download service, but if you get anything free to watch you will surely not let this chance miss.

How to use MyFlixer?

You need to follow several steps to watch a free movie with MyFlixer which are as follows.

Step # 1:

Access the web by entering the specific domain name w/c is www.Myflixer/com

Step # 2:

There is a search engine 24 on top where you can type and search for your favorite movie,

Step # 3:

It will display the result of your favorite movie you can enjoy it in HD quality 7 too, even though you can download it to watch later. Below is the video which will help you get any movie on

How to delete an Account if created on MyFlixer?

As many people have doubt that Myflixer is not a legal website so when their account 1 has been created on MyFlixer website 10 how will they be able to delete it?

  • Unfortunately, you cannot delete your Myflixer account once you’ve done creating.
  • If you want to eliminate your doubt you can also change password 3 of that provided email id it will help to secure your data in fear of being stolen.

Many people in the US are using MyFlixer, which means there is no such risk to get worried about your data. During Lockdown you should have even fun by spending your free time and enjoying free movies at MyFlixer.

How it is safe to use Myflixer?

Absolutely Myflixer is safe to use because it doesn’t force any1 to register so that you need to be satisfied that your data will not go onto other websites through MyFlixer. This website is not too much old right now so later in the future it could be a scam website maybe If you register then that will be a risk for you so it is better not to try.

Is my fixer safe

Is my fixer safe? The answer is yes it is safe. There is no information hacking or misconduct of information reports. Many people are using it and have very low complaints of their information leakage. It is a free movie website with no irritating ads. MyFlixer has approximately 10,000 movies and also it shows T.V series in your leisure time you can watch them by downloading also you can watch them live too in HD quality. Until any website is blacklisted it can’t be called a scam so in the same manner MyFlixer is not blacklisted so it’s not a scam 3 you can use it safely.

Advantages of MyFlixer:

  1. Streaming your favorite movie, no one will interfere not even ads.
  2. It doesn’t bring viruses to your PC it’s safe to use.
  3. No Subscription fee is required.
  4. MyFlixer doesn’t require your credit card details
  5. You can watch movies from 35 countries in the world like Belgium, Brazil Argentina, Australia, Austria, and many more
  6. Ads can be blocked 53 through settings
  7. No sign-up, no registration 3 like other websites

Disadvantages of MyFlixer:

  1. It only provides pirated movies that are illegal in almost all countries.
  2. It fills your search engine with irritating pop-up ads.
  3. Being pirated website some legal websites like Disney Enterprises have also claimed copyright 1 on this website.
  4. As we know it is an illegal website we shouldn’t make an account when we know it’s free they may hack your data.

MyFlixer Application for Android Users:

For the lovers of MyFlixer, they have provided you with the best application where you can easily watch movies without going to the website just click on the app and search for your favorite movies. It is only applicable for smartphone users and can be played on tablets.

The application of Myflixer is just astounding when you love to watch movies for free. Application of Myflixer provides multiple categories of the following.

  • History
  • Horror
  • Musical
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Action Films
  • Adventure
  • Animation
  • Biography
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Documentary
  • Family
  • Drama

Myflixer Domain Authority:

This website is new right now so it only has (1 domain authority). There’s nothing to get worried about because the domain authority doesn’t know which website is a scam or legal.

Google Ranking of MyFlixer website:

Globally In Alexa it is ranking better as shown below.

My Fixer site ranking

about 34,830

Is Netflix better than MyFlixer?



1. Netflix is an application.

1. MyFlixer is a movie watching site it also has an Android application

2. Netflix is one of the top rushing applications which provide the best quality of content

2. MyFlixer provides HD Quality both offer great quality.

3.Netflix is safe to use

3. MyFlixer is not as safe as Netflix

4. Netflix requires registration

4. Netflix doesn’t require it’s your choice

5. Netflix requires payment

5. MyFlixer is free of cos

It is concluded that both the platforms are used for streaming movies but their usages are different and so their benefits.

MyFlixer Reviews:

Different people have different reviews about using MyFlixer some say good about it and some are still in doubt. In order to remove this confusion, we must go through what most people say about Myflixer. Here you go!

User # 1:

User # 1 says that there are some websites that send verification emails and ask for access to your email account but MyFlixer does really not send any verification through email, can be safe to use.

User # 2:

Just by knowing your email addresses, they can not do anything so if I share my experience just to check I have also created an account in Myflixer no confirmation message of any kind is received on your email. Change the password if you have used the same one as your email id’s password it can harm it, can be safe to use MyFlixer.

This user says that you can also watch movies on Netflix as it is obvious that Netflix does not offer anything for free so in this case, Myflixer is the best website to use can be safe to use Myflixer.

User # 4:

This user says that when Myflixer is offering movies for free then what’s their benefit? Your IP address 4 can be tracked and u will be punished, can be dangerous to use MyFlixer.

Use # 5:

Some people say that they are receiving lame messages and also inappropriate pictures, which can be dangerous to use MyFlixer.

User # 6:

This user says that this website shows that your data has been stolen and your battery has been damaged it says to click and run it which is not secure and dangerous to use MyFlixer.


MyFlixer has different languages including Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, and English movies dubbed in English can be watched from multiple countries. If sometimes it is inaccessible then can be reached through a different website i.e. MyFlixer Alternative. It is a high ranking in Alexa. It is a clean website.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about our article what is MyFlixer?

1. Is MyFlixer safe Reddit?

MyFlixer is safe to use, although it has a lot of illegal movies it doesn’t bring any kind of virus to your Pc or mobile phone that’s why it is safe to use.

2. Name the safest sites to watch free movies?

There are 10 sites where you can watch movies safely and these are as follows.

  • Kanopy
  • Popcornflix
  • Vimeo
  • Internet Archive
  • Sony Crackle
  • Vudu
  • IMDb
  • Hoopla
  • The Roku Channel
  • Good old YouTube

3. Is there a MyFlixer app?

Yes! MyFlixer application is available for Android users.

4. Can I download movies from MyFlixer?

Yes! From MyFlixer You can download any of your favorite movies in good quality.

5.Is MyFlixer dangerous?

Yes, MyFlixer is not a legal website so it is risky to download any stuff from this website.


There is no option anywhere to watch movies for free but MyFlixer is the FREE alternative To Netflix it provides multiple English movies for free also you can download them for watching in your leisure also has a Google application where you will not need to find out browser and type the URL address just click on the app and search for your movie and watch it out.