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Is 5G network the main culprit of Covid-19?

Is the 5G network the main culprit of Covid-19? Ever since the wave of Corona has intensified in India, some people are spreading some videos on social media and the main reason for this is the 5G network. In this article, we will try to know about this fact. We all know that the coronavirus started from the Chinese city of Wuhan and reached every city and village in the world. China was once guilty of Corona, sometimes Muslim, and now 5G network.

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WHO statements read here?

The relationship between global warming and covid-19

Illnesses commonly caused by COVID-19 are fever, dry cough, fatigue, aches and pains, sore throat, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, headache, loss of taste or smell, skin rash, or discoloration of fingers or toes Change. Now a question arises here whether these diseases are caused by radiation?

Anyone who understands very little about radiation and diseases will say that not all these diseases are caused by radiation. Then what is the main cause of Kovid-19 i.e. coronavirus? I want to draw your attention to global warming, what are the diseases caused by global warming, what are the effects of global warming on humans and animals?

The whole world is silent about global warming and there is no discussion on this subject. Due to increasing technology in human life, global warming has increased a lot, due to which diseases like Kovid-19 have been born. Due to global warming, the temperature of the earth's surface is continuously increasing,

Which is also adversely affecting the surface climate. Global warming has affected the Earth's atmosphere. Due to global warming, extreme temperature increases on the earth's atmosphere, and which has put life on earth at risk.

Experts pointed out that global warming is continuously increasing and is caused by greenhouse gases like carbon and methane, it has had indirect negative and very bad effects on the earth, sea-level rise, high air pollution increases, and various areas. There is a severe weather change.

Air pollution is also increasing very rapidly due to the increase in the surface temperature of the earth. This is because an increase in temperature increases the level of ozone gas in the Earth's atmosphere, which is produced by reacting with carbon gases and the heat of sunlight. The increase in the level of air pollution has given rise to many health-related problems.

Due to global warming, especially the cases of shortness of breath and lung infections have increased significantly. Asthma patients are most affected by this. Nowadays we give the name of such diseases as Kovid-19 or Coronavirus. Diseases caused by the coronavirus are not symptoms of diseases caused by radiation, so we can say that the 5G network has nothing to do with Kovid-19.

Due to global warming, there is a drastic change in the weather in many places. Sudden heavy rains and floods are occurring in many places of the world while some areas are facing extreme drought. Global warming has not only affected the lives of people, but global warming has also given a tremendous increase in health problems. Due to global warming, diseases like fever and lung infection have started, which we call coronavirus i.e. Kovid-19.

We all know that no country will reduce its technology, will not stop pollination, then why discuss this topic? Who will use technology when there is no human on earth?

The increasing level of air pollution due to global warming is causing diseases like shortness of breath and lung infections. This is causing problems for asthma patients. This is the coronavirus for which 5G networks are responsible. In many countries GSM sites are being burnt, sites are being shut down and telecommunications are being blamed.

Strong and hot winds and floods are also causing an increase in health problems in some areas of the world. The unwanted water accumulated in some areas due to floods is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes, some other harmful insects, flies, we are well aware of the infections like fever, cough, and other diseases caused by them.

Global warming has not only caused many health problems in the life of human beings but it has also made the life of various animals difficult. Changes in weather conditions due to global warming have made it difficult for many living organisms and animal species to survive on the earth. Many living organisms have disappeared from our habitat or are on the verge of extinction.

Robert Watson says that the way we are producing food and energy, nature is being harmed a lot. Deforestation, farming, and animal husbandry are responsible for a third of greenhouse gas emissions, threatening ecosystems. Obviously, the whole world can come together and do something to stop this. Today, when the top emitter country like America has turned away from its responsibility on this issue.

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5G network accused of Covid-19

As I have already mentioned that there is no connection between the 5G network and Covid-19. Nevertheless, we are going to discuss the radiation happening in the telecom sector. What is the effect on human life due to radiation, will be discussed?

We do not use mobile continuously, while towers continuously spread radiation round the clock. If we talk for an hour on the mobile, we get 23 hours to compensate for the damage caused by it, while the people living near the tower live in the waves of continuous waves emanating from it. If a tower is installed in front of the house, then the people living in it may start having health problems within 2-3 years.

Telecom experts believe that the maximum radiation is in the 300-meter area of ​​the mobile tower. The front part of the antenna receives the most waves. Obviously, the loss is also greater on the front side than on the back and bottom. The damage caused by high radiation and the mobile tower is also important to point whether the house is in front or behind the antenna on the tower.

Similarly, distance is also very important. Experts said that there is 100 times more radiation in the one to a ten-meter area of ​​the tower. The more antennas on the tower, the higher the radiation.

What is the cause of radiation?

I would like to request that please read the below article for complete details. By reading this article, you will get complete information that a disease like Covid-19 cannot arise due to radiation.

According to the research done in some countries, now I am telling you what is the effect of radiation-

➤ According to the 2010 survey, WHO research showed that mobile radiation has a risk of causing cancer.

➤ Hungarian scientists found that the number of young people who used cell phones had reduced their sperm count.

➤ According to research conducted in Germany, for people who were living within 400 meters of transmitter antennas, the risk of getting cancer increased three times. According to research, the radiation emanating from the tower is 100 times more than the rest of the area in the area of ​​300-400 meters.

➤ According to research conducted in India-Kerala, the commercial population of bees has declined by 60% due to radiation from cell phone towers.

➤ Birds laying eggs near cell phone towers have not hatched even after 30 days, which usually takes 10-14 days. Significantly, the towers emit electromagnetic waves of very light frequencies (900 to 1800 MHz), but they can also cause significant damage to small chicks.

Summary:  No country research found fever, dry cough, fatigue, aches and pains, sore throat, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, headache, loss of taste or smell, skin rash, or discoloration of fingers or toes it happens. by mobile radiation. I want to tell you once again that the coronavirus i.e. Covid-19 has not originated due to the 5G network.

last word from Author

All of you have been told through this article that Covid-19 is not the reason for the 5G network. I have tried my best to keep this matter in front of all of you with truth and those who are spreading rumors of the 5G network should also understand this. 5G network is not guilty of COVID-19 and 5G network does not spread diseases like coronavirus.

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