How wcc2 App earn money?


What is WCC2 app?

How wcc2 app earn money

World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2) is one of the best online cricket games for every cricket fan. WCC2 is the best mobile cricket game that takes cricket gaming to the next level. With realistic ball physics, famous cricket shots, and many other exciting features, world cricket championship 2 is a versatile game that promises insane fun. You can also customize your team and cheer the players with customized banners.

If you are a cricket lover, get ready to witness a real cricket game with 3D graphics and real-time game situations. The World Cricket Championship 2 cricket game features multiple camera angles, scintillating animations, more cricketing venues, batting camera settings, new controls, hot events, blitz tournament, and much more for a realistic cricketing experience. This is the closest you can get to cricket!

Features Of WCC2 Mobile Game

World Cricket Championship 2 offers a wide range of features such as challenge a friend mode, 3D bar chart for innings runs, dynamic ground ambient sounds, advanced ball-head coordination system, bowling summary, batting timing meter, scintillating animations, international teams, and more.

Here are several exciting features you will experience while playing the world cricket championship 2 games:

  • Cricket Formats & Tournaments: You can play different cricket formats in mobile cricket owing to the variety of tournaments available in World Cricket Championship 2. Users can choose from formats such as the ODI series, Test cricket, IPL, or the T20 cricket and play 11 different tournaments like Champions Trophy, World Cup, Asia Cup, etc.
  • Multiple Batting Shots: Players can enjoy mobile cricket gaming with multiple cricket shots at the batsman's end, including famous shots such as the Helicopter Shot, Dil Scoop, the Upper Cut, etc.
  • Multiplayer Cricket Mode: World Cricket Championship 2 features a 1v1 and 1vN online multiplayer mode. You can play solo in a 1v1 mode, play the 1vN multiplayer mode where all users bat simultaneously, or the offline multiplayer mode.
  • Batting Animations & Bowling Animations: Play cricket online with 150 batting animations, 29 bowling actions, and batting controls.
  • New Camera Angles: Enjoy the blitz tournament with features such as cinematic cameras with multiple camera angles at the bowler's end and batmen's end, real-time lighting to enhance the visual appeal, ultra slow-motion action replays, dynamic ground sounds, misfielding, and professional audio commentary.
  • Electrifying Fielding: Experience realistic fielding with stunning diving catches, quick stumpings, stunning wicketkeeper catches, and tight 3rd umpire decisions.
  • Player Attributes: Players gain extra skills for their consistent performance on the field and progress in the game.
  • Game Highlights: You can save and share the game highlights that are generated on the WCC2 cricket app after the game ends.
  • WCC2 game tournaments will be organized in particular to be joined by all MPL app online players to win cash online

How To Download The WCC2 App?

The best mobile cricket game, World Cricket Championship 2, is available for download on the App Store. The WCC2 game download can be done in a few easy steps on the Google Play Store:

  • Hop on to the on your smartphone, tablet, or PC
  • Enter your mobile number to receive an SMS with a download link.
  • Click on the link to download the MPL app.
  • Register yourself and find World Cricket Championship 2.
  • Install the game to start playing

How To Play Wcc2 Online?

After WCC2 download, open the MPL app and find the world cricket championship 2 game. You can choose a free practice game or enter a cash game by paying the entry fee. Ensure you have a stable internet connection before you start an online game. Follow the below steps to start playing world cricket championship 2 online:

Click on how to play and select 5-way batting multiplayer.

Watch the demo on how to bat on the middle, left, or right side, take runs, etc.

Choose from bat & bowl or batting rivals mode and follow the below steps for each mode.

A. Bat & Bowl

In the bat & bowl mode, you can play both batting and bowling. A toss decides whether your team will bat first or bowl. For batting, swipe left or right to position the batsman. Check the timing meter for perfect shots, enable loft for big hits, and tap to run between wickets.

For bowling controls, tap to change field, choose from a range of special deliveries to confuse the batsman, tap to set the bowling speed/spin. You can also do a manual field placement for your fielders.

To win the bat & bowl challenge, you need the best score, which is based on various factors.

B. Batting Rivals

The batting rivals lets you showcase your batting skills in 2-over matches with 2-5 players.

Swipe left or right to adjust the position of the batsman.

Tap to hit the ball with the bat.

Score the highest points to defeat your opponents.

Tips To Play Online Wcc2 Game On Mpl

Master control of the bat: Practice the swiping movement to perfect the lofted and ground drive shots. Know when to use both shots to increase your chances of hitting a six.

1. Hitting a six: Effective fielding formations and batting lineup are critical to hitting a six in every game.

2. Learn the bowling mechanics: Customise the team squad lineup to select strong bowlers who can bowl with maximum accuracy.

3. Fluid Strategy: Create a strong strategy by mastering the batting and bowling controls, effective fielding formations, batting order, and line-up.

4. Choose a formation: Choose a defensive formation in a middle-order game, fielding formation in the initial stage of the innings, or a custom formation based on your experience.

Why Play World Cricket Championship 2 On Mpl?

  • Play against 4 crore+ users.
  • Choose from 18 international teams & 10 national teams
  • Go on a world tour with 42 different stadiums across the world
  • Smooth controls and realistic game physics
  • World Cup, Test Cricket, and other formats
  • Cashback offers
  • 100% secure & legal games
  • Instant withdrawals of winnings
  • 24x7 customer support
  • Over 60 other games on the app

Withdraw Winnings With

You can withdrawal your earning winnings with the following payments options.


  • Paytm
  • UPI
  • Amazon pay
  • Bank transfer

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Can you make money playing wcc2 online?

Yes, you can win real money by playing the World Cricket Championship online cash games. The WCC2 game offers free practice games and various cash games. If you play and win a particular WCC2 cash game, you will win the cash prize of that game.

How can I win WCC2?

The game's main objective is to score higher points than your opponent, which will make you the winner of the game. Practice your shots and bowling well and learn a few tips and tricks to score higher points and win WCC2.

How to earn money with app wcc2

First apko pahle playstore see Jake wcc2 download karni padegi Jo me apko photo me niche dekh Rahi hai.

Aise karke download karni hai playstore me Jake
Ab jate hai game ki or
First installing home open karana hai
Bad me apko per day money clim reward 

Aapo dekh sakte hai photo mai for reward kar Dena hai bad mai sing in karna hai,Fir sing in ho Jane ke bad apko Apko aisa karna hai ki apko per day ka miltahe reward to first day ka to Mila fir apko apni recent apk all badhi kadhi nakhavani wcc2 game pan pachi apko phone settings me Jana hoga 

Apko date and time setting me ja kar date time setting open karna hai badmai date setting me Jana fir date ko badal Dena hai
Ex .. 18/06/2018 hoy to 18/6/2022kar Dena hai
18/06/2022karneke badaapkone 19/06/2018karni hai 
Aisa varmvar badlneki hai aur apke pai Yankee reward milta hi rahenga ap date badlege fir apko app open karni hai fir reward lelena fir recent apk kadhi ne fir wahi kam karo aesa 40 ya 50 wakhat karvathi apki money bhadhane lagegi

Fir apki money photo jitani ho samti hai
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