How many people work in Google and how money they get?


Number of people working in google

Number of full-time employee work in Google from 2007 to 2021

How many employees does Google have?

At the end of 2020, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) had 135,301 full-time employees. Up until 2015, these figures were reported as Google employees. Alphabet was created through a corporate restructuring of Google in October 2015 and became the parent company of Google as well as several of its former subsidiaries, including Calico, X, CapitalG and Sidewalk Labs.

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Google’s popularity

Google is one of the most famous internet companies in the world, and as of October 2020 the most visited multi-platform website in the United States, with 567 million U.S. unique visitors during that month alone. The California-based multinational internet company has been delivering digital products and services since its creation in 1996. Due to the popularity of its search engine, the verb “to google” has entered everyday language and the Oxford Dictionary. In addition to that, the company has also crafted itself as one of the most desirable employers, largely due to the many perks it offers in its offices worldwide. Some of the most appealing aspects of working for Google according to its employees include readily available foods and drinks, good working conditions and ample communal spaces for relaxing, as well as many health benefits and generous salaries.

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Google offices and employees

As of June 2019, Google and Alphabet had more than 70 offices in over 50 countries around the globe, including Germany, Czech Republic, Finland, Canada, Mexico, Turkey and New Zealand. The company’s headquarters, also known as “the Googleplex,” are located in Mountain View, California, while other office locations in American states include New York, Georgia, Texas, Washington D.C. and Massachusetts. 

As Alphabet, the company employs a total of almost 135 thousand full-time staff, in addition to many other temporary and internship positions. Per the most recent diversity report published in 2020, most Google employees were male and only 32 percent were female – a figure that has barely changed since the company started reporting on the diversity of its employees in 2016. Furthermore, as of 2020, women occupied only 26.7 percent of leadership positions and 23.6 percent of tech positions. Although Google has regularly stated that the company is committed to promoting ethnic diversity among its personnel, some 54.4 percent of its U.S. employees are White and only 3.3 percent of employees are Black.

How much money do Google employees make, on average?

Google, Inc. pays its employees an average of $115,126 a year. Salaries at Google, Inc. range from an average of $66,003 to $164,898 a year.


google employee average salary

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Mostly the Google software developers in India get paid 66 lakhs to 80 lakhs in India, it does not go above that. If someone is getting over 1 crore then he is not getting in India.

If you are fresher, you will get 66–68 LPA. Sounds too much? well, your base will be between 16–17LPA and rest 50 LPA will include stocks, bonuses, and foreign expenditures.

So you will get at the end of the year 16–17 LPA base in your hand.

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What if someone gets a 1.5 crore rupees salary from Google outside India. Let’s say he is getting that in the US.

First, you have to divide it by 70 to get to know what is the actual figure in USD.

So he is getting 200K dollars. Minus 30% tax= 140K USD. In most cases that includes joining bonus too so minus 40–50K more.

Now it has become 100K USD. Things in the US are so expensive so you are gonna spend 20K dollars in big cities like California, New York, etc.

So you are gonna save 60–70K dollars which are like 30–40LPA in India. That is huge but when you transfer the money to India, a small portion will be cut and reduced to 20–28 LPA. 

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