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Wynk Music is a popular music streaming network for the vast Indian market; it is the best listening solution for subscribers of the Airtel wireless service, and it offers a catalogue featuring more than 1.8 million songs from Hindi and international artists. Wynk Music for PC is the Windows version of the popular Wynk mobile apps for Android and iOS; it is essentially a desktop multimedia player that connects to the network and enhances the listening experience with a few powerful features.

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Although many Airtel users forego the Wynk mobile apps and head straight to the Wynk Music website for the purpose of checking out new releases and building their playlists, PC users should install the Windows version of the app. If you are familiar with the open-source VideoLAN Client, you will get the hang of Wynk Music for PC right away because the user interface, which is based on the Vernacular UI, is very similar.

The biggest difference between Wynk Music for PC and its mobile counterparts is that you can enable true offline functionality. The browsing function allows you to sort songs by artist and genres, but there is also a neat filter that suggests music based on your mood. As long as you have a valid Wynk Plus or Wynk Freedom subscription from Airtel, you will be able to download songs to listen to on your PC even when you are not connected to the internet.

Other interesting features of Wynk Music for PC include an audio adjustment option, radio channels with diverse playlists, and the ability to connect the app to a Chromecast device for external listening.

Wynk Music for PC Pros

  • Audio playback quality can be adjusted.
  • The user interface is highly intuitive.
  • Offline listening option.

Wynk Music for PC Cons

  • As this is an app geared towards the Indian market, it will only work when you connect through an IP address geographically located in India.

Perks of using Wynk music app:

➢ HD music 🎧 streaming
➢ LIVE Streaming of music concerts- Wynk Stage πŸŽ™
➢ Enjoy best audio Podcasts
➢ Setting your favourite songs as HelloTunes with Unlimited Changes!
➢ Wynk’s in-app music player enables Free Song lyrics for you to sing along as you listen
➢ Thousands of curated playlists for every mood like Workout music, Old songs, Festive songs, etc.
➢ My Station: non-stop music personalized for you
➢ Create your own playlists and share with friends & family
➢ Manage all your music in one personal place and free music download
➢ Follow artists & playlists you love
➢ Search πŸ”Ž from 15 million songs in our in-built music player
➢ πŸ’― Free music streaming at low internet speeds & offline music
➢ LIVE Chat with your favourite artists
➢ Internet Radio for hours of uninterrupted music πŸ“»
➢ Play music from different languages- Punjabi Songs, Hindi Songs, Tamil, etc.
➢ Support for Chromecast, Google Assistant & more.

With Wynk, you don’t need another music downloader or music player to play your songs. It works as an Mp3 player & a Podcast player too!

Set any song you wish as your Airtel HelloTune by making Wynk your primary Caller tune app πŸ“± & change as many times!

Enjoy free music with song lyrics of all the songs and sing along to your favourite music with sync lyrics. Karaoke 🎀 was never this easy with the Wynk music app! Watch live music shows and live concert of the best music artists on our live music app.

The song library gives you trending songs and playlist like️ Workout Songs πŸ‹, 90s evergreen songs and artists like Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, Alan Walker, Justin Bieber, BTS. Also, use the app as a free music player to play music hits and a lot more! Explore Electronic Music genres like Dubstep, Techno.

You can now use the Wynk app as an offline music player and stay updated with your favourite Bollywood artists like Arijit Singh, Jubin Nautiyal, Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar & play music of many more artists. The music player app also offers the latest songs along with song lyrics!
You can πŸ•Ί groove πŸ’ƒ to Punjabi songs, Telugu & Tamil Songs on loop mode. Play any regional music on Wynk. All of this in offline music mode too!

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