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Format Factory is a free app that allows its user to convert all major type of Images, videos and audio files with this free conversion tool

format factory

Format Factory is a file converter that can change the file type of many different files. This can work with images, videos, text files, and much more. This program is good if you often find yourself having to change certain files for uploading, running on other operating systems, or other purposes.

Format factory Convert all your Mp4, Flv, WebM, Avi, Mkv, Mp3, Flac, Wma, Ogg, M4a, Wav... files. All major formats supported.

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What you can convert with Format Factory?

  • Video files
  • Image Files
  • Audio Files
  • Text file
  • Combining file
  • Storing on external media

What is the Future of Format Factory?

*Convert all your Mp4, Flv, WebM, Avi, Mkv, Mp3, Flac, Wma, Ogg, M4a, Wav... files. All major formats supported.

+ Compress video to save space or to easily send it over limited internet bandwidth. Smaller size and keep quality! Zip videos to save space!

+ Highly Customizable output format: configure entirely the output format with customizable size, codec, aspect ratio, fps, frequency, bitrate...

+ Split your videos and extract some selected parts. trim, crop, extract MP3, reverse video, cut videos without loosing quality, create gif from video, remove watermark and so much more...

+ Share directly your converted, compressed, trimmed videos on social media

Example supported conversion:

- Convert Mp3 to Aac, M4a to Mp3...

- Convert Flv to mp4, Avi to Mp4...

- Convert Mp4 to Flv, Mp4 to Avi...

- And much more

Format factory Provides functions below:

 Video converter, clipper, joiner, splitter, muxer, crop, and de logo.
 Audio converter, clipper, joiner, splitter, mixer.
 Picture files conversion and supports WebP, Heic.
 Rip BD, DVD to video file, Rip Music CD to audio file.
 PDF Joiner, PDF to TXT DOC Excel, and image files.
 Supports Zip, RAR,7z decompression
 Screen Recorder
 Download the file from the video site


Preset with automatic settings for Android MP4, Audio Only (Mp3, M4a, Aac...), Avi, DVD (NTSC and PAL format), Flv, iPad, Mp4, Mpeg2, Webm, Wmv...

InApp Purchase to unlock highest quality profiles

Portable Version

You can choose between the full version and the portable version of this program. The full version is installed on your hard drive while the portable version doesn't need to be fully installed. The portable version is good on USB sticks if you want to use the program every now and then but don't want to install it.

The major difference between these two is performance. The portable version lags every now and then, but this usually only happens with larger files like videos and songs. It should be fine otherwise.


  • Works with multiple file types
  • Requires little work to convert files, simply choose the file type you want and it does the rest
  • Can save directly to the hard drive or an external media


  • Portable format sometimes lags on larger files

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