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A TikTok version for Asian users

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TikTok for Asia User's

TikTok Asia is a video streaming and uploading app specifically for Asian users. This is exactly the same as the global version of TikTok. The only major difference is that it's intended for Asian users and tends to work faster in those nations, but all the features are exactly the same.

Main Features

1. TikTok Asia and TikTok proper are the same exact apps. 

This means that you can get all the features available to the global version of TikTok. This is both a video streaming and uploading app. You can scroll through the videos and find insane stunts, great dances, and people performing unique talents all within 15 seconds.

If you prefer making your own videos, then you can record directly through TikTok Asia and then upload the video when you're ready. Just like with the regular version of TikTok, the video's maximum time is 15 seconds. You can edit the video to remove certain sections or change other aspects to make it perfect.

TikTok Asia also includes many stickers and filters that make your videos look even better. These are simple to add and make a world of difference with your videos.

Asian Users

This version of TikTok is specifically made for Asian users, such as those from China, Japan, Korea, and so on. It has all the same features as the regular version of TikTok and is even made by the same developer. It's just better suited for Asian languages and even loads somewhat faster because the servers are hosted closer to Asian nations.

Aside from that, this is exactly the same as the regular version of TikTok. You can find all the same videos, users, and features.

Many Songs

A large majority of TikTok videos are people dancing to popular music. If you've never used TikTok before, then you might be wondering how these people were able to easily add music to their videos.

TikTok Asia has a large library of music that you can select from when making a video. There are thousands of bands and even more songs to choose from. While most songs are available in their entirety and you can select a specific snippet that you want, some of the newest songs only have a small chunk that you can select from. This should be fine either way since your video can only be 15 seconds long.

You can choose the song while recording the video or after the editing process. You can even change the song if you think a different one would work better with the video.


  • Allows you to record and edit videos all from the app.
  • Has a very large audience that loves watching new videos.
  • The editing tools are easy to use and there are many songs to choose from.


  • Videos can only be 15 seconds long.
  • The editing tools are somewhat basic.

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