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Mia khalifa

Mia Khalifa Biography - Net worth, family, Age, and more

  • - Real Name -Sarah Joe Chamoun
  • - Star name - Mia Khalifa
  • - Born -10 February 1993 (age 28 years),Beirut, Lebanon
  • - Nationality -American, Lebanese
  • - Net Worth - $3 million
  • -Spouse(s): - undisclosed ​ ​(m. 2011; div. 2016)​; Robert Sandberg; ​ ​(m. 2020)​.

Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese-American media personality, webcam model, and former pornographic actress. She began acting in pornography in October 2014, becoming the most viewed performer on Pornhub in two months.

Mia Khalifa appeared in the porn industry for a short span of 3 months in 2014 at the then age of 21. She was only paid $12k from the millions of dollars that Pornhub and BangBros make off her videos.

The infamous hijab video has collected ISIS death threats that have targeted Mia from the video’s release in 2014 to today. Mia attends therapy on a consistent basis for trauma, emotional distress, and consequences of bullying.

Mia and her team have provided countless financial offers to the current owners of her domain name and pornographic videos to no avail. Big corporations are not giving Mia Khalifa a fair chance to demand her content in court due to financial advantage.

We are demanding her domain names be returned, her videos are removed and fairly discussed in court without putting Mia Khalifa into deep financial ruin. Mia has started her regret for her decisions in the porn industry multiple times.

Khalifa was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and moved with her family to the United States in 2000. She moved to Montgomery County, Maryland as a teenager and attended Northwest High School. A few years later she graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history.

Her main idols are Kim Kardashian and Sofía Vergara.

Mia Khalifa Had a short career in porn films and gained a huge following. At one point she was receiving death threats from the Muslim terrorist group ISIS. She eventually left the porn industry but retained her presence on social media, where she still has a large following.

* Has one child.

She has claimed she made only $12,000 during her entire porn career. However, Bang Bros., the company for which she made several films, has said that it paid her more than $178,000 in total, and that was in addition to whatever money she made for several other companies for which she worked.

Personal Quotes

I was just walking across the street . . . this guy [a porn producer] stops and he gets out his car and he gives me his card, and I thought about it for about two weeks. Then you made the mistake of saying yes and going in and . . . yeah, I did it for about three months, and as soon as I started to gain popularity, that's when I was like, "OK I need to get the F out of here, this is not what I was trying to do whatsoever." I just wanted to let loose and rebel.

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