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What is Podcast?

Podcasts are a series of audio files that anyone can download to their personal device to listen toIn other words, we also call podcasts as content which is like a radio show where talk is discussed above different topics. Its best and special thing is that it can be heard on the go while going to the office or even while working.)

This is a type of content that does not require the audience to give their attention like a blog post or a video. So if you are thinking about how to start a podcast, then you will first need to decide what kind of podcast you will create, and for that, it is very important to know the types of podcasts first.

Types of Podcasts

1.The Interview Show - This is a type of podcast in which podcasters are called by a person who has a piece of good knowledge in any field and asks them questions about their topics so that the audience can get information about that topic or whatever question in their subject. Could get his answer.
In this, the person doing a podcast, calling the experts in the field of different subjects, latches on to their show and interviews them, so that the audience gets to know a lot of new things.

2. The Solo PodcastThis podcast is different in that the person doing the podcast does the show alone and shares the information related to his subject and subject with the audience. In Solo Podcast, podcasters share their information with their audiences and help them learn.

These types of podcasts are good for everyone's audience as if you want to know what programming is, that is, if you have an interest in programming, then you get a lot of information by listening to programming related podcast shows And start learning programming.

Similarly, if someone has interest in any other subject, he can get information about that subject by listening to all the episodes related to the podcast show related to it.

3. Conversational/Co-Hosted Podcast

This podcast show is very different in that it consists of two podcast hosting hosts. Suppose you do a podcast show and you insist someone else be the host on your show, ie both of them together know how to host the show. Such shows are called Khost Podcasts when sharing with the audience.

By having a regular call to your podcast, you can make your podcast show more interactive, personal, and more in-depth with an alternative approach.

Equipment Needed to Start Your Podcast

So now you know what are the podcasts and how many types are there and now you will have a question that how to start a podcast, what equipment is needed, so let's go to the podcast. Know what you need to have to start a podcast.

1. Computer/Mobile - If you have a computer or laptop, then you can easily start a podcast with a microphone. Also, editing it will also be easy for you.
Even if you do not have a computer, there is nothing to be worried about, you can record podcasts from your mobile phone. In the beginning, you do not need to invest more money. You have to focus on giving good topics and information.

The 20 Best Podcasts to Listen

The 50 Best Podcasts to Listen

This is the FIRST time in the year that we’ve recommended podcasts to LETMEASK readers. It’s a testament to the growth of the medium that we are able easily to fill a list with 20 new shows each year. Many of the pods on this year’s roundup try to explain our current political and social moment. Several miniseries from 2019 try to contextualize complicated news stories that have dominated headlines — the rise and fall of Silicon Valley phenom Elizabeth Holmes, the arrest and suicide of football star Aaron Hernandez, the trial of sexually abusive gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar.

The 20 Podcast to must be listening

1. 2 Black Girls, 1 Rose

2 black girls. 1rose

Genre: Culture
Why You Should Listen: Bachelor and Bachelorette superfans Natasha Scott and Justine Kay aren’t afraid to call out the sexist and racist blunders of the often-problematic show on their podcast, 2 Black Girls, 1 Rose. Snarky weekly awards (“Becky of the Week,” “Invitation to the Cookout”) and hilarious commentary will keep anyone who tunes into America’s favorite guilty pleasure laughing. But the pair’s discussions also provide important context for a reality TV universe that encapsulates an intriguing and occasionally toxic aspect of the cultural landscape.

Episode to getting Hooked On: “It’s Hard Being a Bachelor Fan”

2. American Fiasco

** Genre: Sports

American Fiasco

Why You Should Listen: Men in Blazers co-host Roger Bennett revisits the U.S. Men’s Soccer team’s catastrophic bid for the 1998 World Cup. Bennett, a British transplant who became obsessed with American soccer, brings a sense of irreverence to the travesty. Through interviews with the players, coaches, and management, Bennett pieces together a story about a team crushed under great expectations. If you love soccer, this podcast will make for a fun diversion.

Episode to Get Hooked On: “Episode 1: The Dream (On) Team”

3. Bear Brook

Genre: True Crime


Bear book


Why You Should Listen: Bear Brook examines a particularly disturbing cold case that dates back to 1985: Police found four unidentified bodies in barrels in New Hampshire’s Bear Brook State Park. NHPR beat reporter Jason Moon tells a thoughtful story that takes listeners across the U.S. in search of a serial killer. But what sets this true crime story apart from others is a side plot: Police eventually identified the victims using a popular genealogy site. The podcast raises intriguing ethical questions about what people are actually consenting to when they upload information about their DNA onto public databases.

Episode to Get Hooked On: “EP 1: Hide and Seek”

4. Believed

Genre: News & Politics


Why You Should Listen: A number of questions lingered even after a judge sentenced Larry Nassar, the former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University doctor, to 40 to 175 years in prison for sexual abuse. Chief among them: How did Nassar get away with hurting so many women and girls for so long? Through interviews with survivors, hosts Lindsey Smith and Kate Wells try to explain how Nassar established his reputation as a “good guy” and how the people around him ignored or even enabled his behavior. It’s not always easy to listen, but it’s an essential one as listeners are forced to examine society’s larger role in one monster’s crimes.

Episode to getting Hooked On: “The Good Guy”

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5.The Big One

Genre: Science


The Big One

Why You Should Listen: It’s hard to understand inevitable devastation in the abstract. We know California is due for a massive earthquake that could hit any second, but we don’t like to think about the details — the buildings that will collapse, the people who will be trapped, the lives that will be lost. To confront the possibilities would only spur existential dread. But that’s exactly what the Big One aims to do, putting you in the shoes of someone in downtown Los Angeles experiencing the earthquake as it happens. The podcast isn’t entirely fiction: Host and KPCC science reporter Jacob Margolis interviews earthquake survivors, scientists, and even LA’s mayor about the inevitable disaster and its consequences. Helpfully, the podcast also offers tips to California residents about how best to make it through the crisis. 

Episode to Get Hooked On: Listen on Apple Podcasts

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