What is Google News? 10-Gmail Search Tips, and Tricks

Masroor Alam
Google News, Gmail tips and Tricks

Gmail is a well-known name in the world of email. In today's 'smart' era, mediums like Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail are also available for e-mail, but the popularity of Google's Gmail is not hidden from anyone. It is a free mail service for the user, which is used both privately and professionally. There are many techniques and tricks related to Gmail, with the help of which you can make mailing more simple and convenient. Let us tell you that the Gmail service started in April 2004, after which its users continued to grow.

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If you make regular use of Gmail and do not remember the day and date, then this feature can prove to be useful. You can add the Google Calendar feature to your Gmail account. This is a feature of Gmail Labs. For this, you have to go to Settings - Labs. Go down and enable it in the Google Calendar gadget. After this, you have to click on 'Save Changes'. After launching this, the Google Calendar gadget will start appearing in your inbox. 

E-mail scheduling

Do you know that you can schedule Gmail as well, like tweets and Facebook posts? For this, Boomerang Gmail has to be enlisted. In this, you can draft your e-mail and set a deadline to send it. This feature does not already exist in Gmail. As we mentioned earlier, you have to install Boomerang Gmail. After installing, the user starts sending the Send Later button to it.

Running more than one account simultaneously

This feature is not known to most Gmail users and they continue to be annoying in different browsers. For this, you have to go to the profile icon, which is placed on the top right side. One has to tap on the 'Add Account' option in it. More than one account can be managed by entering ID and password here. In this way, many accounts can be managed by going from tab to tab.

Unnecessary Tab Removal

In Gmail, if you want to remove unwanted tabs like primaries, socials, promotions, updates, and forums, then there is also a solution for that. You can tap and delete the tab you want to delete by going to Settings - Inbox - Categories.

Has anyone else run the account?

If you suspect that someone has opened your Gmail account, someone has tried to break into it. Then you can check. There is an option of 'Last Account Activity' at the bottom of the main page. Here you can get information about the browser, IP address and time, etc. by going to the details.

Turn notifications on in Gmail

Through this trick, Gmail users get notifications about their activities. To activate it, one has to activate 'Settings - General - Desktop notifications'. It can also be easily turned off if needed.


Add theme

If you are bored of seeing Gmail in the same color and design every day, then this trick will come in handy. For this, you can go to 'Settings - Themes - Set Theme' and decorate your Gmail with the desired theme.

Number of messages in Gmail's inbox

Normally, 50 messages appear in the Gmail inbox. If you want to increase their number and see more messages about one, then there is an idea for that too. Go to 'Settings - General - Maximum Page Size'. Here you can decrease and increase the number of messages according to the page.

If you want to send already written answers…

In Gmail, there is an option if you want to give a particular pre-written answer to someone. For this, we have to go to 'Settings - Labs - Enabled Response'. Through this feature, you will be able to give your previously written answers as a response.

If you want to send big files ...

The limit for sending data to Gmail is 25 MB, if the data is to be sent above this, then the option is available. You can send files up to 10 GB via Google Drive, for which you do not have to pay any additional charge. Click on Google Drive, select the file and attach it via e-mail and send it to the concerned receiver.

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