What is the Best Free Online Graphic Design and Video Editing Software

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The best and free graphic design software

We've found the best free graphic design software so that you can create without splashing out.


free online graphic design

With the best free graphic design software, you can set yourself up with all the design tools you need without having to pay anything for them. And there's no need to go out looking for them because we've rounded up all the top options here.

There's a surprising amount of incredible free graphic design software out there if you want to use it. Of course, most design professionals will want to have the sort of top-end tools and features found in industry-standard options such as Adobe Creative Cloud. 

However, if you'd rather save the Adobe subscription money for something else, the right combination of the tools below will enable you to tackle just about any design job, and if you're just starting out in design you'll find that these free tools are often easier to get to grips with than pro packages, so you can polish your skills without having to battle overly-complex software.


01. Gravit Designer

Free graphic design software: Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer delivers a full vector toolkit for free

Gravit Designer is a full-featured vector design app from the company behind Corel Draw. It's suitable for all sorts of design jobs, from screen, app, and icon designs to presentations, illustration, and animation. 

With a clean and intuitive interface that adjusts itself as you need it, this free graphic design software packs a wealth of tools for creating detailed and beautiful vector imagery, including non-destructive booleans, a knife tool, and path graphs, plus multiple fills and blending modes, and a powerful text engine. 

You can use Gravit Designer online or download a copy to your computer; note that you automatically start out on a (free) trial of Gravit Designer Pro when you sign up, and once your trial is over your transition to the free version, but lose the Pro features – unless you pay for a subscription of course. 

However, Gravit Designer's free version is still excellent. You can export as PDF, SVG, or bitmap, and you get access to the Gravit Cloud service that enables you to get to your work wherever you are. See the full comparison between the Pro and free versions here

02. Vecteezy

Free graphic design software: Vecteezy

Easy for beginners and powerful for professionals (Image credit: Vecteezy)

Vecteezy is a free, in-browser online editor, which allows you to edit and customize Vecteezy's existing vectors or create vector designs from scratch. It's incredibly easy to use and is surprisingly powerful for a free tool, with keyboard shortcuts and advanced transformations built into the feature set. You need to create an account to save your work, and joining the pro version gets you a bunch more tools and resources.

03. Vectr

Free graphic design software: Vectr

Vectr's online options make it great for live collaboration

Available both as a browser-based web app and as a stand-alone desktop app, Vectr is a free editor for creating 2D vector graphics. With all the vector features you'd expect, plus a wealth of options for using filters, shadows, and fonts, it's versatile enough for day-to-day design tasks. Its live collaboration and synchronization options are particularly handy, as they essentially enable anyone to watch you design, live, meaning it's really easy to create in tandem or send feedback. This is a genuine alternative to Adobe Illustrator CC.

04. SVG-Edit

If you're looking to quickly output SVG or edit an existing SVG file, there are a few online editors that will do the job just as well as Adobe Illustrator. SVG (scalable vector graphics) is an open format that allows you to reproduce your Vector drawings programmatically, and one of the nicest projects is SVG-Edit.

This is built entirely on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript without requiring any server-side processing. So not only can you use it to create and edit documents, but as it's open-source you can also download and modify the code using one of the best code editors – making your own version if you want. 

The standard – albeit basic – toolset of every vector-image editor is here, and although it's limited to the SVG format, it's surprisingly capable. Note that if you're not familiar with code, this option probably isn't for you.

05. RawTherapee

Free graphic design software: RawTherapee

RawTherapee's tools offer extensive customization (Image credit: RawTherapee)

RawTherapee enables users to correct distortion, boost colors, recover details, and much more, meaning users can make tweaks to their photos until they're looking exactly how they want.

This free, open-source software also speeds up your workflow by allowing you to batch process images. You can also send images to other software, such as GIMP, if you wish to.

06. Photo Pos Pro

Free graphic design software: Photo Pos Pro

Need to fix your photos? Photo Pos Pro can do that and more

If you're on a Windows PC and need a decent set of image editing tools without Photoshop's price tag or GIMP's immense toolset, Photo Pos Pro should hit the spot. Built with image enhancement and editing in mind, it's perfect for typical photo editing tasks such as fixing contrast, lighting, and saturation, but it'll also stretch to more advanced techniques. 

It boasts an extremely user-friendly interface as well as an in-depth help system to get you started, and if you want to expand its tools to fit your needs, there are plenty of expansions and plugins available.

07. Krita

Free graphic design software: Krita

Krita has been in development since 1999 (Image credit: Krita)

Designed with the VFX industry and concept artists, illustrators, matte, and texture artists in mind, Krita is a free and open-source painting tool that's been in development since 1999. It comes with a full set of brushes suitable for all manner of work, and there's a whole host of plugins available, from advanced filters to painting assistants for perspective work. 

Notable features include brush stabilizers to smooth out any shaky lines, a wrap-around mode for creating seamless textures and patterns, and a pop-up palette for quick color-picking.

09. Pixlr

Free graphic design software: Pixlr

Free graphic design software Pixlr comes with more than 600 effects (Image credit: Pixlr)

Pixlr has changed quite a bit since we last looked at it, and now it's an even more powerful online photo editor than before. As well as offering both iOS and Android apps, it also now comes as a browser-based service too, with three distinct versions to choose from. 

If you want a quick and easy photo editing tool then Pixlr X is the one to go with; it's designed for delivering one-click edits and artistic effects for an instant visual boost. Pixlr E, meanwhile, gives you a suite of more detailed editing tools in the style of Photoshop. And if all you want is to remove the background from a photo, there's also Pixlr BG, an AI-powered tool that'll automatically do it in seconds. They're all free to use; however, if you want more advanced tools, plus extra overlays, stickers, and even a stock library, check out Pixlr's subscription options.

10. Paint.NET

Free graphic design software:

For photo editing, free graphic design software Paint.NET is an excellent alternative to Photoshop

Paint.NET is a Windows-based alternative to the Paint editor that Microsoft shipped with versions of Windows. Don't let that put you off, though, as it's surprisingly capable, use graphic design software.

The focus is on ease of use, and there's a definite tendency towards photo editing rather than artistic creation. That said, there is a range of special effects available, allowing you to easily create fake perspectives, blend and push pixels around the canvas, tile and repeat selections, and so on.

A good range of selection tools, support for layers, and adjustments such as curves and brightness/contrast mean that Paint.NET is a great alternative to Photoshop for photo editing, especially if you can do without some of the more recent additions to Photoshop's toolset.

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