Shares raise Investors to have a great opportunity for 2022

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Stock Market — It's time to raise money, Investors have a great opportunity, Lets Know how much will be beneficial?

If good stocks come on hand in the Stock market, then they can make you rich in a few days. To choose a good stock, invest in stocks suggested by a financial advisor or broking firm. One can also invest in the stated shares of an expert.

But keep in your mind that the stock market is risky and cannot be completely eliminated. Yes, the right advice can reduce the risk and increase the expectation of profits. Here we will give you information about some good stocks, which can give very strong returns. Investment in these stocks is advised by a broking firm. Let's know the names of the shares. You will also know how much return they can give.

Stock Market


Icici bank's stock currently stands at Rs 609.8. But a target of Rs 666 has been kept for this stock. That is, you can get a return of around 9 percent. ICICI Bank is India's premier private bank. Its market capitalization is Rs 4,21,503.09 crore. Three months ago, on December 7, the bank's stock stood at Rs 510.65. Since then, it has given a return of around Rs 100 per share.

Manappuram Finance

Manappuram Finance's stock can generate even more profits than ICICI Bank. These shares currently stand at Rs 166.90. While the target for this is Rs 207. That is, you can get around a 24 percent return from the current levels. Manappuram Finance has a market cap of Rs 14,122.74 crore. Its stock is at the highest level in the last 52 weeks at Rs 187.30.

Can Fin Homes

Can Fin Homes also provide strong returns from current levels? You can get more than a 13% return in a few days. Currently, it is at Rs 507, but the target for this is Rs 573. That is, you can still get more than 13 percent profit. The current market capitalization of Can Fin Homes is Rs 6,750.91 crore. Can Fin Homes have the highest level in the last 52 weeks at Rs 533.85?


Nosil shares closed at Rs 184.50 on Friday. A target of Rs 202 has been kept for this stock. That is, investors can get a 9.5 percent return comfortably. The company has a market cap of Rs 3,065.99 crore, while its peak for the last 52 weeks is Rs 199.35. It can also surpass its peak of 52 weeks in terms of the given target.

Varun Beverages

The stock of Varun Beverages currently stands at Rs 1041.60. But the target for this is Rs 1230. That is, in the coming time, these shares can go up to Rs 1230. This means that investors can comfortably earn up to 17-18 percent profit from this stock. It has a peak of Rs 1,095.85 for the last 52 weeks, while the company has a market cap of Rs 30,069.82 crore. Explain that Varun Beverages is the franchise holder of Pepsi's product in India. 

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