Post Office FD or SBI FD: Check where will get more returns


Which one is Best-Post office FD or SBI FD Check where you will get more returns?

Talking about the investment, most people recommend FD ie Fixed Deposit. A fixed deposit (FD) is the right option for you if you also give a slightly lower return while investing but prefer safety. Fixed deposits have been very popular among investment options. In this, you get a guaranteed return for a limited time. Bank FDs still remains the first option of savings for many people.

Post Office FD or SBI FD: Check where will get more returns

Many types of facilities are available on FD. Some banks also provide loans in lieu of this. Secondly, FD has a higher interest rate than regular savings. Fixed deposits in banks are a good investment medium. A fixed deposit (FD) is at the top of people's choice in terms of earning returns.

Where will the post office or SBI bank get more returns?

Post office FD return

On the other hand, many banks including SBI, the country's largest bank, have significantly reduced the interest rates on FDs. In such a situation, many people are now turning to the post office. If you are planning to make a fixed deposit i.e. FD in the country's largest bank State Bank of India (SBI), then you must know about the post office time deposit scheme before getting the FD. So let's know where to get FD from SBI Bank or Post Office, you can get more returns.

Post office time deposit

Apart from banks, you can get a fixed deposit in the post office as well. Time deposit scheme is the bank for investment like FD in post office. This is also called the FD of the post office. The post office offers an option to invest for deposits ranging from one year to five years. Like bank FDs, investors earn guaranteed returns through post office term deposits. At the post office, deposits ranging from one year to three years get 5.5% interest rate on returns.

Interest rates on post office time deposits

According to the India Post website, this is the interest rate on post office time deposits from April 1, 2020.
  1. For 1 year - 5.5% 
  2. for 2 years - 5.5% 
  3. for 3 years - 5.5% 
  4. for 5 years - 6.7%


The new interest rates on FDs of SBI have come into effect from 8 January. For FDs in SBI, the investment period may vary from 7 days to 10 years depending on the investment requirement, whether it is for short periods or long periods of time. SBI FD interest rates vary from 2.9% to 5.4% for general customers.

SBI's new FD interest rates applicable from 8 January 2021 (for less than Rs 2 crore)

  1. 7 days to 45 days - 2.90% 
  2. 46 days to 179 days - 3.90% 
  3. 180 days to 210 days - 4.40% 
  4. 211 days to less than 1 year - 4.40% 
  5. more than 1 year and less than 2 years - 5.0% 
  6. less than 2 years 3 years - 5.10% 
  7. 3 years to less than 5 years - 5.30% 
  8. 5 years and up to 10 years - 5.40%

Important note

After watching the whole news, it is evident that if you are going to make a fixed deposit for a period of 1 year to 5 years, then you will get more interest in the time deposit of the post office. In such a situation, invest thoughtfully.

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