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Nifty options tips, Bank nifty tips, Make decent profit on the option trading

What Mistakes traders do while working in Nifty option trading?

Nifty option tips

Every trader makes some or other mistakes in day trading that’s ruining his entire capital. Sometimes he can lose his capital in a day too. We have listed some common but 5 deadly trading mistakes that a novice or unprofessional trader does in the share market.

Mistake No. 1  

Intraday traders do not trade with Nifty & Sensex Trend

Generally, Intraday traders look at the percentage If stocks fall by 5%,10%, or 15%, some traders Rush for buying the stocks. If A Stock is up by 5%, 10%, and maybe 15% some traders go for in those stocks. We at nifty option tips advise traders to trade with the Nifty trend and the overall Market Trend. Never trade opposite of the Market trend in Day trading. We also advised traders not to buy a stock that has fallen 10% & 15 % it will never come up in the Intraday trade, might be possible that they can cover in 2–3 days, and you will never get profit in this type of against the trend trading.

Mistake No. 2

Day Traders Book profit Early and hold in Loss.

Intraday traders always hurry in booking profit and hold long in Loss. It’s a problem with a lot of traders, and it’s based on the emotions of every trader. They trade with heart and not brains and make them  We request everyday traders before trading decide the Target and stop loss for the trade and then put a buy or short sell order. If the stop loss trigger’s exit immediately doesn’t change the stop-loss price at all. Also in profits place trail stop-loss orders, so that if on every up move of the stock, your stop loss also moves and you are sure to get maximum profits.

Mistake No. 3

Intraday traders Average in Loss Trade.

90% Day traders do Average in Loss trade. We advise if Buy or Sell trade in Bank nifty tips are not in your favor exit immediately and never do average in loss trade. Here we give one nice example If you have 5 apples and one apple will spoil what you will do? You will throw an apple that is spoiled and will keep 4 good apples. Same way if your one trade is in loss exits from that trade and holds a trade that is in profit. We recommend traders to average in profits instead of a loss. Risk Management is very important for day trading.

Mistake No. 4
All Day traders follow rumors and Media News.

Generally, day traders follow Newspaper tips and Media tips. We advise please do not to follow these types of rumors and news tips. Because sometimes one Tv channel recommending buying and same stock other Tv channel suggest for selling. Traders should try to read charts and analyze them for day trading.

Mistake No. 5
Intraday traders do Over Trading

Intraday traders do a great mistake in Trading. We advise if you have an Rs. 10,000 put trade of 4000 to 7500 don’t put all fund in one trade or even in two-three trades, even though if you are 100 % sure of price reaching targets. Any global news or domestic news can cause a reverse trend in stocks at any time. Sometimes even quarterly results can also become movers and shakers for a stock.

Stock Option Tips

We are an advisory company providing Stock Options Tips with single Target and Single Stop-Loss.

Are you looking for trading tips with one of the best pieces of advice that your search completes here?

Our Services includes :

  1. Daily Single trading call with single target and Stop- Loss
  2. Daily Target 3000++ and SL 2000
  3. Mode of calls- what's app, SMS, and mail
  4. Traders will get around 5-10 Mins to enter in our trading call.
  5. 24*7 Support on What's App


  1. Security Market Investment Is Subjected To Market Risk And Past Performance Is Not a Guarantee Of Future Performance.
  2. We do not have any refund policy, so won’t entertain any money refund case. profit and loss of services are totally borne by the client.
  3. Dear clients our company does not claim/give any assured/ guaranteed return, don’t trade on personal calls, trade only in Company Research calls. Please beware of fraud calls/sms.
  4. Dear Traders/Investors before taking any services or Free trial of our company please read

Want to trade in the options market?  If yes then read this

Here are some of the tips for best option tips:

Tip 1: Make the investment in at the money call/put option only.
Tip 2: Do proper Option market analysis and Check open interest.
Tip 3: Select the nifty stock then check resistance and support of the stock and according to that buy Call Option or Put Option
Tip 4: Enter into trade-in Break out levels only
Tip 5: Keep watching technical levels, if trade going opposite to your trade then exit your position.
Tip 6: Don’t lose patience in the market.

These are the basic tips which make you earn & help in earning profit.


Our Commitment and Mission

We know each one of the due dates you’ve met and we know the commitment with which you work and consequently, we know the effort you put into the addition of your wealth and this is the reason our experts are practical as made plans to ensure that your wealth never stops creating. Obligation, after all, justifies nothing else, yet obligation to outfit you with the best securities trade tips which will step by step fabricate your bank equality and we are set out to take you to a bigger measure of experience and satisfaction in the current year and years ahead. Our mission is to give educational and helpful resources.

Our Goal, Purpose, and Advice

  • Our Motive: — Providing quality service to clients
  • Our Purpose: — Every trader earns with us and no loss.
  • Guidance: — Providing proper guidance to every client for entry and exit messages.
Why nifty option tips?

We have trust in Our team who are providing you sure shot option tips and make you earn in every trade. That’s why we are known as the best nifty option tips provider company in India.

Bank Nifty Tips Provider
Reliable Bank Nifty Trading Tips

At Nifty Option Tips, we provide you daily sure shot bank nifty calls with a single target. The bank nifty index is too volatile for the persons who are going to trade first time in the bank nifty market. Get a free trial of Intraday Bank nifty Tips.

Bank nifty tipsHow to trade in Bank nifty tips

Bank Nifty is the most Volatile Stock in the NSE F&O segment; sometimes it goes 50 to 100 points up and down within a fraction of time when RBI announces the policy. But A1 Intraday Tips provides Bank Nifty calls with more than 90% accuracy. Before trading in Bank Nifty tips, intraday traders should decide their Loss capacity per trade. 

Don’t trade beyond your capacity or risk because all brokerage Companies & brokers are always providing more Intraday exposure for Intraday Trading in Bank Nifty Tips to earn more brokerage. If you will trade without stop loss you will lose your all capital in few moments, put the proper stop loss in the system. In any circumstances, stop-loss triggers in our Bank nifty tips, don’t wait and exit immediately from the trade. Please don’t average to make a small loss by buying more/ selling more. If you will make an average in bank nifty Intraday Trading you will lose all capital end of the day.

Nifty Options Tips – Meaning

Call Put Option Tips

What is Call Option?

Call options are an agreement that gives the option buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy a stock, bond, commodity, or another instrument at a specified price within a specific time period. The stock, bond, or commodity is called the underlying asset A call buyer profits when the underlying asset increases in price.

What is Put Option:

A put option is a derivative contract between two parties. The buyer of the put option earns a right (it is not an obligation) to exercise his option to sell a particular asset to the put option seller for a stipulated period of time.

It's not very easy to understand call put option tips, as it involves a lot of jargon and open index. Open index, call put volume ratio… makes technical very difficult. So we are here for you to provide NIFTY OPTIONS TIPS with a single target and single


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