LIC: Deposit Rs 31 daily, you will get Rs 2.40 lakh together, know the Scheme


Deposit Rs.31 daily, You will definitely get 2.40 lakhsRead more details about this scheme.

There are many investment options available in each policy of LIC. Similarly, one can get benefits in many ways from a company's policy. For example, if you want to get a monthly pension immediately, then you have to invest differently. By investing a little in the same policy, you will get a huge amount on maturity. Some of the policies of LIC are quite special. One of the cornerstone policies of these.

This policy is only for women. One option of this plan is that if you save Rs 31 daily, then you can get Rs 2.40 lakh at the same time. Let's know the details of this plan,

LIC: Deposit Rs.31 daily and get 2.4 lakhs

Know the most important thing is that LIC's cornerstone policy is best for women. If you want to invest in this plan, then, first of all, know the most important rule. You must have an Aadhaar card to invest in this policy. Secondly, this policy can be taken only for women between 8 years and 55 years. You can avail of insurance cover of at least 75 thousand in this plan. While the maximum insurance cover limit is 3 lakh rupees.

 If the policyholder dies, 

— This is an important question. If a woman invests in the Aadharshila policy and she dies, the benefit to be paid will be paid to the nominee. This rule is applicable in case of death of the policyholder in the first 5 years of the commencement of the policy. If the policyholder dies after the commencement of the policy, if any, the nominee also gets loyalty additions.

 Such a daily will be available from Rs 31 to Rs 2.40 lakh

If a woman chooses a sum assured of Rs 2,00,000 in a cornerstone policy with a term plan of 15 years, then she will have to deposit Rs 31 daily for 15 years. However, these premiums may be yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly. The monthly premium will be Rs 1012. These 1012 rupees also include tax. That is, in 15 years, according to Daily's Rs 31, you will invest a total of Rs 1.74 lakh. While the amount received at maturity will be Rs. 2,40,000.

✦ How to pay Premium?

You can pay the premium on an annual, half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly basis in this plan. Your annual premium will be Rs 11630, half-yearly premium Rs 5875, quarterly premium Rs 2968, and monthly premium Rs 990. This is a premium without tax. In the first year, you have to pay a premium including tax. Which will be Rs 11886, Rs 6005, Rs 3034, and Rs 1012 respectively on a yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, and monthly basis.


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