Best Google Doodle games

Masroor Alam


The 13 best Google Doodle games, ranked

The Google Doodle is a work of art, sometimes interactive, and many times, informative (you find out who the Doodle is dedicated to).

And on occasion, Doodles have given us some simple but always-entertaining video games that have taken up hours — yes, for some of us, hours — of time. For this story, I did the hard work of re-trying them and some may have taken up a lot more time than others.

Let’s look back at the best of the best. I guarantee you’re going to play a bunch of these again to pass some time and remember how good they are:

13. The Scoville Game

Your ice cream tries to defeat some super spicy peppers. I did learn about Wilbur Scoville while playing it, but it’s not the best of the lot.

12. Basketball

Frustrating at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s fun.

11. Soccer

You’re a goaltender trying to stop some kicks. Not bad!

9. Rubik’s Cube

If you never solved one, now’s your chance to do it virtually.

8. Coding Rabbit

Fun for kids who like to code and a challenge for adults, too.

7. Hip Hop

I remember people making some amazing beats with this one in 2017.

6. Quick, Draw!

Underrated! You have 20 seconds to draw something a neural network then guesses. And they usually get it right, which is pretty incredible.

5. Pac-Man

A - classic.

4. Garden Gnome

Remember that old game where you had to make a penguin go super far in the snow? It’s the same idea where you launch a gnome and see how far it’ll go. I hadn’t played this one until researching this post and I then wasted an hour one night playing.

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3. Halloween 2016 — Magic Cat Academy

Or the “cat with a magic wand” game where you swipe certain ways to defeat some ghosts. Intense.

2. Cricket

We spent a whole afternoon as a staff trying to best each other.

1. Baseball

I spent A LOT of time figuring out how the pitcher’s hat color told me what pitch was coming. The GOAT!


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