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Storiesig is a web tool that helps in downloading Instagram stories effortlessly without even installing anything. It comes up with a simple yet attractive interface that allows the user to view Instagram stories anonymously, and conveniently.


It enables users to share Instagram stories on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and more. To download Instagram stories, users first need to pick up a name from Instagram and then enter the name on the Storiesig search bar and press enter and let it does the rest.

It is free to use, secure app that doesn’t require any registration to download and view stories, highlights, photos, and videos, but it works only for non-private accounts. Users can download Instagram stories on PC and mobile devices using Storiesig easily.

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Storiesig Alternatives

#2 Toolswow Instagram Downloader
#3 Free Instagram Downloader
#4 Insta Save for Instagram
#5 Save-o-gram
#6 Instadp
#8 ViewDP
#9 Downloadagram
#10 RollSaver

#1 allows users to search, view, and download Instagram images and videos by entering hashtags of posts. It enables users to view and download posts in optimal resolution and they can download their desired pictures and stories by entering the username, hashtags, or locations. contains an easy-to-use and secure design and supports instant downloading of photographs and video recordings. It enables users to download or view photos of private accounts of friends and subscribe/manage multiple accounts conveniently.

Users can manage more than one account with this website, this feature makes it a perfect choice. It provides the feature of subscriptions to hashtags that notify users whenever someone posts new photos or videos on that hashtag. Using this tool, users can easily download multiple posts or images under one hashtag and they don’t need to sign in to use the website.

#2 Toolswow Instagram Downloader

Tool show Instagram Downloader is an online tool through which users can download Instagram photos and videos. The interface of the site is very straightforward that contains a search bar, a captcha, and a download button. It allows users to download all images or videos on the same post, and in the optimal resolution. Users have to copy the URL of the post, paste it on the search bar, and hit enter to download pictures or videos.

Tool show Instagram Downloader isn’t compatible with private accounts, which means users can’t download stuff from private accounts. Instagram Photo & Video Online Downloader is a free-to-use and efficient tool that doesn’t need any registration, plugins, or specific app for downloading and watching stories, highlights, photos, and videos. The site enables users to download multiple pictures under one thread and works efficiently on most of browsers.

#3 Free Instagram Downloader

Free Instagram Downloader enables you to download your desired photos from the Instagram account simply and quickly. Its interface is very attractive and useful, which contains a search bar along with download, favorite, setting, and help buttons. It contains an output folder for easy access to the entire downloaded content.

It enables batch processing, which lets you download an entire album without the hassle of selecting every photo. This is a time-saving app that requires you to input the username. After entering the username, you can download all images on your device effortlessly.

Through this software, you can create a favorite list, which allows the downloading of all posts from accounts that you have placed in the favorite list. It prevents you from being banned due to extensive downloading by setting time intervals between downloads. Free Instagram Downloader notifies you about the repetition of downloads and brings the auto-opening feature to view downloaded files.

#4 Insta Save for Instagram

Insta Save for Instagram is an online app through which users can download and view Instagram posts quickly and effortlessly right over their cell phones and tablets. It brings the feature to download content from public accounts so users can view it anytime, irrespective of being online or offline. Its interface is very easy to navigate that contains a search bar to search for desired content.

It let users download more than one photo or video by batch processing that saves a lot of time and effort. To download images or videos, users need to copy the URL of the post and paste it on the search bar.

It provides users with the accessibility to download and repost pictures or videos on different social media platforms to share with friends and family. Insta Save for Instagram app also features auto-downloading that saves a lot of time and supports all formats of pictures and videos.

#5 Save-o-gram

Save-o-Gram is a software, which facilitates the way toward downloading pics from Instagram to the PC, and provides features to enhance your Instagram experience. The software contains a search bar, which helps users in finding their desired accounts. It also carries an info button at the bottom that helps users to access the related information about their searched content.

It brings an easy-to-use interface through which users can download multiple pics at the same time and save files in ZIP format to prevent storage. The user can view a slideshow of posts from the favorite account using the slideshow feature, and they can resize pics to their desired size.

It allows users to view more than one pic at the same time through the grid lineup. Users can search for posts or images with hashtags and also support the printing of pics accordingly. Save-o-gram also features an easy to search database to help users in finding saved pictures or posts effortlessly.

#6 Instadp

Instadp is an online platform that enables users to search, view, and download Instagram photos and stories. It is free to use the platform that allows users to view and download full-size, high-quality profile photos of public Instagram profiles.

The website is available in more than 15 languages, including English, French, Spanish, and more. To download photos, the user first needs to copy the URL of the post from Instagram, then paste it on the search bar and hit the search button to get the content.

The website’s interface is very straightforward that includes a search bar, a search button, and two separate buttons (each to download photos or videos separately). Instadp website lets users download profile pictures of private accounts, and it allows them to zoom in to profile photos to the original size as well.

#7 is a web tool through which you can download Instagram posts directly from the web to the device. It gives a simple to use interface, which enables downloading of various pictures simultaneously.

It offers quick downloading and allows downloading of ZIP files that help in saving space of the devices that you use. It brings a fast, free, powerful, and one-click approach to download Instagram content.

Users can see downloaded photographs and view recently downloaded videos right at the bottom of the page. To download content from Instagram accounts, the user first needs to get the URL from Instagram. After that, enter the URL on and press enter.

Users can download all the photos and videos from Insta’s account to their cell phones or tablets. It also gives an advantageous method to view pictures and videos of Instagram users in full size.

#8 ViewDP

ViewDP is a website that enables you to view Instagram profile pictures in full size without doing much. It features an easy-to-navigate interface, which includes a search bar and a search button. To view the profile picture using ViewDP, you need to copy the URL of the picture from Instagram and then, paste it in the search bar and hit enter.

It doesn’t allow you to download and save the profile picture. It is a free-to-use website, but it doesn’t let you download profile pictures of private accounts as well. It is a robust platform to view the profile pictures of public accounts in high quality. It is a free way to get rid of the frustration of viewing Instagram profile pictures in small size.

#9 Downloadagram

Downloadagram is an online platform that allows users to download and view Instagram photos in full resolution. It is an easy-to-use website that features a convenient interface. Its interface includes a search bar to enter the URL of Instagram posts and a download button to download the desired content.

It enables downloading of Instagram videos and photos in full size, and users can download IGTV videos effortlessly using this simple site. The navigation of the website is very straightforward, users need to enter URL, press the download button, and it will download the desired photo or video.

It is a fast, free, and effective way to download Instagram content with one click. Users can not only view previously downloaded photos but can easily view recently downloaded pictures or videos at the bottom of the page.

#10 RollSaver

RollSaver enables the user to save photos from Instagram and provides users with the most wanted features. It comes up with a grid view and slide show of downloaded pics that create ease for the user in sorting the downloaded content.

Its interface is straightforward and handy to navigate, which includes options like popular, feed, liked, favorite sets, and settings. It allows users to use the flexible design and features to download their much-needed photos or videos. The app is completely free to use, but it contains in-app purchases to make the experience better.

Users can upload downloaded content to Instagram as well, and they can also save downloaded pictures or videos to the camera roll for easy accessibility. It supports the Airplay Device (TV), which lets users view photos and videos conveniently, and they can edit pictures using an in-app photo editor.


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