WhatsApp trick - your personal chat will remain absolutely secret

If you have some secret in your WhatsApp, then hide your personal chat. No one will be able to see your personal message through this setting.

whatsapp trick

In the last few years, the craze of WhatsApp has increased in people very fast, after WhatsApp, people have forgotten to do simple messages. Everything from chatting to photos, videos, calls can be done through WhatsApp. In such a situation, many times your important information or office work will also be talked about in WhatsApp. Apart from this, many times we want to keep some of our personal chats hidden from others. 

We are afraid that someone will not read our chat, but now you do not need to panic. You can hide your secret messages very easily. There is such a feature in your WhatsApp itself that no other person can read your chat. Actually, there are many such features of WhatsApp about which very few people are aware. Keeping in mind your privacy and safety from the company, many such features are added from time to time, so that your data is protected.

How to hide WhatsApp chat on iPhone?

First of all, go to your WhatsApp chat. Right swipe on the chat you want to hide. After this, an archive option will be seen. Your chat will be hidden as soon as you click on Arcane.

How to hide Whatsapp chat in android?

If you are an Android phone user and want to hide your WhatsApp chat, then first you go to your WhatsApp chat. Now press and hold the chat for a while. Now you will see many ops at the top. Here you will also see an archive option. You have to click on it. Your chat will be hidden after the archive.

How to archive chat

If you have archived a chat once, then you can also return to that normal. After the archive, these chats go to the bottom in a separate folder. You can open it after searching for the contact name. If you want to bring it again in the normal chatbox, you can click on the same chat and unarchive it.

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