WebMoney Reviews on login/Signup Deposit and Withdraw in India

Masroor Alam

— WebMoney is officially not an alliance with Webmoney Club which means definitely it is fake, Beware of this scam, and save your money


What is WebMoney?

Webmoney is a very popular and rapidly growing digital eWallet with over 20 Million registrations. Before getting started read this review to avoid any scam

WebMoney is a different asset from fiat currency, it is a digital model of currency that we cant store or feel like old fiat currency, WebMoney is also called e-currency/Digital e-wallet and it was initially launched by a start-up in year 1998, in the City of  Moscow, Russia, This digital mode of currency is the store or kept secure just by some keyword in the digital app, The company provides the app for both Android and iOS versions, but lots of its functions only work in the web form, You can download apps by just click here( Android app | iOS app) or visit its official website (  


It is the world's most trusted and the First online payment settlement system firstly come in exciting in 1998 in Russia. it is one of the largest online electronic payment systems in Russia by the number of its Users. I am using Webmoney since 2007 but still, I don't know what is Webmoney Club, I have searched several times on several search engines and never got a satisfactory answer.
Finally, I called WebMoney customer care and ask what is Webmoney Club? the employee told me there is nothing such type plz away from this club, that's why I suggest you plz leave far away from this type of club,

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In the event that you have a WebMoney Account, a Step-by-Step measure on the most proficient method to finance your Invest Markets record can be found here.

In the event that you don't have a WebMoney account, you should simply enroll here. 

Where do we use WebMoney?

As above we see that WebMoney is Digital currency and we can't feel or store it in our purse or locker, it is used only in e-digital form, Today there are lots of merchandise that allow accepting payment from WebMoney or cryptocurrency like bitcoin for selling their product online, You can use WebMoney in the following area...


✅ Forex trading
✅ Making a payment online
✅ Buy or sell products online
✅ Buy services on freelance sites...
✅ HYIP investment( We never recommended investing online anywhere)
✅ Making payment for Goods and Services around the globe.

How to enroll for WebMoney?

Getting a WebMoney account is so easy, the most effective way to get a perfect money account instantly is...

1. Go to the official website of the WebMoney

2. See overall the page structure and try to find out singup menu, once you get to click on them ( Go to the direct signup page) 

3. You get enrolling form where 9 blocks are found, you need to fill in the asked details,



Are You interested in an Open Webmoney account in India?

— Watch this Video

—How to Setup, Deposit, Withdrawal Webmoney in India

Is WebMoney safe to use?

WebMoney is an e-transfer system based around its own e-currency. This company has been pushing to gain more of a share of the market among its competition, though it has definitely been an uphill battle. With multiple currencies, assets, and exchanges, this e-transfer system could be the next best thing to a Swiss bank account, 


WebMoney Users are definitely able to hold multiple Digital currencies and assets in their accounts. WebMoney, founded in 1998, with a slogan of  “universal payments system” & was founded in Russia to be a flawless platform for online payments. System users can transfer money between each other, accept payments, store funds, and more. Storing your money in an account can accrue interest while providing a wallet from which to pay for goods and services at a number of online stores make regular payments online, or. Users are also able to purchase and hold Bitcoin, gold, USD, and EUR within their wallets. Your account has multiplied layer of security that definitely secures your assets from hackers, Perfect money provides the following types of security layers for each and every user...

WebMoney Apps

Webmoney allowed its user to download the latest app on both devices Android and iOS...

This app includes the following functions:
- sign up/in your Perfect Money® account
- make p2p payments
- currency exchange
- quick transaction history overview
- deposit and withdraw money from the system
- activate/buy Perfect Money® e-Voucher
- add new accounts
- work with support tickets


Download Webmoney App

How to set up a Webmoney Account?

To Sign Up WebMoney account you need to follow these steps...
  • Visit the official website here
  • Choose Country Dialing Code from the dropdown menu
  • Write your correct mobile number in the given box...
  • Click next 
  • Write confirmed code that displayed on the screen
  • After these steps, you get a call from Russia (+7) code you need to write the last 5 digit number through which you received the call
  • Write the last 5 digits of receiving the call and click next 
  • Create password, Confirm password 
  • Accept terms and Cond...
  • Click next...You have successfully created a WebMoney account... 


Getting an account with Webmoney is easy and simple, Just follow these few steps and get an account instantly, Visit this link  Click on Sing up to set your new e-wallet. 

WebMoney Sign up

✅ When you click on the Signup menu you get an application form just like bellow 

✅  Choose Your Country
✅  Write your phone number with adding country code
✅  Enter the captcha inbox
✅  Click More

✅ You need to specify and confirm your phone number and create a password in the next step. When this process is done your wallet is created and you can choose your desire currency.

When you click on More after entering of country and mobile no. you get an SMS from the company on your mobile number in the next form you need to verify your phone by entering that code.

After phone validation, you will redirect to the next form where you are prompted to create a password 


✅  Choose your desire password (do not use email password)
✅  Confirm Password 
✅  Click on more 


Finally, you will redirect to the member area where you will find your WebMoney account no. and you will be prompted to choose your desire currency like see in the bellow image 


2. How to deposit in a WebMoney account?

If you want to deposit your WebMoney wallet, You need to choose the corresponding purse with the desired currency and then you need to decide the deposit method, There are various methods available for deposits but they may differ according to your location.
Once your wallet is funded you can use them for making payments for buying goods or services anywhere in the world. You can top up your Webmoney account with the following method

Webmoney Deposit and Fee

✅ Cash
✅  Bank Card
✅  Bank Account 
✅  Electronic Money 

✅ Cash Method

This  method is available only in Russia, You can find here how to do 

✅ Bank Card

✅ Online from Bank Card  - 2-3%, 5%
✅ Internet Banking - 1%
✅ Prepaid card & vouchers - 0%
✅ Electronic Money - 0%
✅ Cash in Terminals - 3 - 10%
✅ Bank branch - 3-4%
✅ Webmoney exchange office - 0-4%
✅ From M-paisa through stock exchange - 1%   

WebMoney Withdrawal and Fee

✅ Bank Card - 2% online 
✅ Bank wire - 1-5 % Time take up to 5 days 
✅ To the Card ordered through WebMoney service - 1 to 2% online
✅ Money Transfer - 3 to 5% take up to 7 days 
✅ Webmoney exchange office - 1% instant online
✅ Into electronic Money - 0%
✅ To M-Pesa through stock exchange - 2 % one day


2. What do I need to use Webmoney

You can simply purchase a WebMoney prepaid card and deposit instantly



1. How do I fund my WebMoney Account?

There are various type of the way through which you can upload money in your WebMoney account like 
  • Bank transfer
  • Card Transfer 
  • Electronic money transfer
  • Postal order
  • Cash at ATM
  • Prepaid Cards, 
  • Exchange offices,

2. Are there any transaction fees associated with WebMoney deposits?

We do not charge you any fees when you deposit using WebMoney. However, WebMoney will charge a 0.8% transaction fee of no less than 0.01WM.
For further information on WebMoney fees please visit

Disclaimer - I am not a financial advisor and I never advise anyone to invest in WebMoney or any other e-currency, this article is written only for knowledge purpose


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