— Yes, of course, we can help to send money to the USA with Bitcoins instantly, Just follow these steps,

How to send money to USA from India in Bitcoin

If you want to transfer or send money to any of your relatives like a friend or brother Who lives in the USA  you can choose any of these payment options.

Bitcoin Payment 

As we all know that bitcoin is the world most popular and trusted Cryptocurrency, Now bitcoin widely accepted by online merchants, and lots of people are start using a payment system, if you searching to buy bitcoin and send it to the USA to your relatives instantly, Then bitcoin is Perfect method for you, 

Steps to getting Bitcoin and Transfer it to the USA to your relative.

  • Contact Us ( Whatsapp user Click Here to direct connect )
  • Transfer your money to our Given account details like Bank, gpay, Upi, PayTm, Cash 
  • Give us your friend or relative bitcoin wallet address
  • After getting Money from your side I will instant send Bitcoin to your friends or family member bitcoin wallet in the U.S
  • After payment, I will provide Screenshots 

What is Bitcoin to INR exchange rate?

We all know that bitcoin is the world's highest volatile asset and its price depends upon Demand and Supply only, So it is very difficult to say that the current exchange rate here. Contact our support team for the current exchange rate  
If you want to send it another way please read below.

Dollar2rupee- 5 Best ways to sent money from the U.S.A To Inda with lighting Speed and Most secure Form

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