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Today Messenger marketing is high in demand that provides unlimited opportunities for marketers. In that list of thousand messenger Telegrams is one of them, People use telegram for communication finding answers and questions, get customer support for your company brand. It is opportunities for you to make money by using telegram, let today earn how you can make money while using telegram,

What is a telegram?

Telegram is one of the best cloud-based fast-growing messaging apps, today it is a crazy app for youth generations, telegram is available for both desktop and mobile, Initially, Telegram was banned in Russia and Iran, But it is widely spread in these countries as well as in Ethiopia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

It is widely used in the USA and Europe because it is a perfect messaging app for communication and marketing purposes. I we are talking about its popularity then I see in Jan 2020 more than 76000 telegram app was download in Great Britain, and it is 10th most popular app in the USA. 

Before going to download the Telegram app in your mobile for earning purpose plz give your attention to Telegram statistics.

Telegram statistics 

Here are some facts about Telegram which may be useful to marketers.
  1. About 15 billion messages are sent daily on the app.
  2. The app has spent $0 on advertising.
  3. 85% of Telegram users are on Android devices.
  4. Telegram is available in 13 languages.
  5. There are 67% men and about 33% of women on Telegram.
  6. The largest age groups are 25-34-year-olds (38%) and 18-24-year-olds (27%)

How to earn money from the telegram

If you also want to know how to earn money from Telegram? Then we will introduce you to such methods in this article, using which you can make a lot of money with your Telegram Channels.
Although these are very well-known methods, but due to not being used properly, you are not able to earn money from your Channels even if you want to. Then let's learn to use these methods properly to earn money from Telegram.

There are several features that make Telegram for monetization channel

There are many ways to make money via Telegram. But what makes it so good for monetization? Here are some things which make the app a perfect money-making tool.

  1. The audience on Telegram is active, educated, and well-off.
  2. There’s no advertising on the platform, so people aren’t prone to banner blindness. That’s why they’re more likely to respond to your marketing efforts in a positive way. 
  3. Telegram marketing is a new strategy, so the competition is relatively low.
  4. Open rates on Telegram are higher in comparison with other marketing methods.
  5. Messenger marketing resembles 1:1 communication, which allows marketers to create a seamless user experience.
  6. Telegram allows marketers to deliver relevant content to their followers.
  7. Creating a Telegram channel is free and doesn’t require any special skills. Telegram channels have an unlimited number of subscribers, so you can send messages to a great number of users. 
  8. You can build a customer-facing chatbot to achieve your marketing goals. A bot can save you a lot of time as it can serve many purposes, for example, provide your customers with the information they request and send them videos, documents, images, etc. 
  9. There are private channels that provide extra monetization options.
  10. User information is well-protected.
  11. The app is user friendly.
  12. Push notifications in Telegram channels help people keep track of what you’re posting.
  13. You can set a self-destruct timer to delete messages which are relevant only for a short period, for example, when announcing some limited-time offers.
  14. You can pin the most important messages at the top of the channel. This will help you attract users’ attention to the most important information. 
  15. You can transfer files of different formats on the app.

1. Selling Ads

This is a very popular option, especially in many countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, India, where ads are sold or sold in Telegram Channels. Now let's know what is actually sold.
  • To do cross-promotion of other channels
  • Companies and brands
Often, ads are sold p2p (channel admins first make a contact and then are settled through an agreement), but there are many automated ad exchanges where the ads are sold.

2. A Subscription Fee You Can Charge

A very popular model for paid subscription service, which is used in Telegram, is something like this. It is mainly composed of two parts:

  • The public channel also those who have a large follower base
  • Private channel (or a supergroup) in which only premium content is provided (while it is available only for paid subscribers)
In this type of model, only the public channel is promoted more (that too using ads, cross-promotions, content marketing, and other strategies), whereas in this private channel itself actually generates profit.

3. By Donations

If you are a content creator, while you create content for free, then you can monetize those contents by selling ads, paid subscriptions, or donations.

In this model, you allow your followers either to provide you with a tip after each publication or to set up a recurring donation via Patreon.

The practice of tipping is much more popular on other platforms like YouTube, Blogs, Websites, WeChat, etc. At the same time, it is slowly becoming popular in Telegram.

4. Selling Products and Services

Paid subscriptions are not the only thing that we can sell through our Telegram Channel. Basically, you can sell any product or service if you want. Let us understand them through examples:

  1. A freelance designer runs her own popular Telegram channel in which she shares design tips (and also monetizes that channel by selling her gigs).
  2. An Education Portal, through its tutorials and courses, can also run an educational Telegram channel that it can sell courses to its subscribers.
  3. A toy brand can run a Telegram channel of its own that relates to blooming (videos, reviews, unboxing, etc.) and monetize the same by selling a toy to a public page, like running a public page in social media. Many varieties of options are available to marketers and brand owners.

5. Sell Third-Party Products and Services

It is very similar to the earlier model. But in this case, you sell third-party products or services.

For example, some such Telegram channels also had sneaker deals.

At the same time, they monitor online sneaker shops (which can be automated) and if the price of these sneakers decreases significantly, then they publish a post on their channel in which they use an affiliate link Use that product.

7. Posting Paid

This is similar to selling ads, but in this case, almost 100% of your posts are paid.
It may sound a bit strange to hear. A good example is a niche job board. Such job boards exist in the form of Telegram channels, which allow you to post a job to pay a fixed fee.

Initially, these job boards take content from other websites and post on their channels so that they can make their audience grow. Later they get offers from paid posts as they have a foot niche based audience.

8. Link Shortner Services

If you are publishing a post in which the link is mehjud, then in such a way you can shorten those links through Link Shortner and publish them on your Telegram Channel. This will happen that when a visitor clicks that link, then they have to pass by seeing ads in it, near the original content, this gives the publishers or channel owner a good amount of money.

Nowadays Whatsapp status videos and photos, movies are quite a in Demand, you can do so by going to a good website and shortening the link to that video and putting it on your channel, from which you can make a lot of income

9. Referencing in Recharge Apps

In this way, you will get many apps which if you refer someone to another, then in that case they give you some referral money. It is also called Refer & Earn.

With the help of this, you can earn Paytm and Free Recharge, while Paytm you can transfer it to your Bank Account, otherwise you can also use them in free recharge.

If you look at all the monetization options mentioned by us, then you can easily earn money from Telegram Channels. With the right strategy and a little patience, you can earn money from your Telegram channels, even while sitting at your home.

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