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affiliated earning in bettiah

— Earning is the dream of every youth, that's why today I will teach how you can make up to 5Lakhs per month with BlueHost affiliated Marketing.

What is affiliated Marketing and how to learn in Bettiah?

Affiliated marketing is such type of process where the user starts earning as a commission by promoting other company's product, it is a simple and easy way to make a decent income, You just need to choose one of the best company who offering affiliate scheme, like Amazon, Bluehost and lots more, Join them and choose their product, start promoting with your users by blogging website, social media platforms, whenever someone buys any of your promoting product you get a commission from the company. 

There are lots of companies or websites that offer the affiliated program, but not all of them are genuine and paying, there are thousands of websites available on the internet that offer decent earning with the affiliated schemes, but believe me, almost 90% are fake.

But don't worry keep smiling on your face, because I have research and find out 100% genuine and decent-paying affiliated company, 

  • Blue Host Affiliate Marketing 
  • Amzon Affiliate Marketing 
Both of the above-listed companies are worldwide famous and paying the affiliated commission for every user on the time, Today I will guide on BlueHost company affiliated scheme in details, In my next post, I will come with amazon affiliate. 

Blue Host Affiliate Marketing

— You Can Earn up to $65 to $135 Per user as a referral commission with the Bluehost referral program.

How to join the Bluehost affiliate program 

Visit the official website 
  • Click Sign up
  • Fill Form
  • Get referral link
  • Start promoting on your blogging site or Socal media platforms
Official website - Click here 

bluehost affiliate sign up

Click here to go Signup page

Create Account
Create account with Bluehost affiliate
  • Choose user name 
  • Choose a password  and confirm again with the same password
Stander Information
bluehost affiliated marketing
  • Write email address
  • Company name (If you have not company leave blank)
  • Website Address ( Write your Blog address)
  • Tax ID, SSN or VAT (Leave it blank)
Personal Information

Personal filling information on bluehost affiliated site
  • The first name - Write your first name as John (if your name is John Dsuza then John is the first name and Dsuza is the Last name 
  • Write street address and additional address
  • City name 
  • Stae name 
  • Phone number ( First choose your country then write your mobile number)
  • Fax Number (Leave it blank)
  • Zipcode (Write your area pin code)
  • Country (Choose your residence of the country from the list.)
Choose how you get payment from?

There are two ways to receive commission like PayPal and check, You need to choose any of them, If you want to choose Paypal then click here to read how to create a Paypal account.

Next, read the terms and conditions tick box, Fill captcha in the given box, and click  on the "Create account "button
 Once you click on the Create Account button, instantly your account is open, You get an email with user id and with full introductions 

How to Login Bluehost Affiliated marketing 

* Visit login page by just one click here 

  • Fill username and Password
  • Click on Login  after that you get the Member area where you see your earning etc, like this 

How to Promote and where to get promoting banner or link 
After your first login 

  • Click on "Marketing Materials" choose  banners from the dropdown menu
  • Select your banner size from lots of banners 
  • Copy the Html code
  • Paste on your blog where you want to promote.

How much earn with Bluehost Affiliated marketing

The earning of any affiliated marketing is dependent upon your hard work and how many users you have?

If you have a good quality of blog where a minimum of 1000 organic traffic coming then probably you can earn easily $500  per day. Blue host pay commission to much see bellow

Bluehost says:- Our program is free to join, it's easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge. Affiliates generate traffic and sales for commercial websites and in return receive a commission payment.

Send more users, and earn more money!

  • 1-6 sales a month - Pay-Per-signup $65.00 USD for each signup you deliver.
  • 7-12 sales a month - Pay-Per-signup $85.00 USD for each signup you deliver.
  • 13-19 sales a month - Pay-Per-signup $100.00 USD for each signup you deliver.
  • 19+ sales a month - Pay-Per-signup $135.00 USD for each signup you deliver.

Real-Time Statistics and Reporting!

Login 24 hours a day to check your sales, traffic, account balance and see how your banners are performing.

If you want to Make a blog or Website for affiliate earning contact us today


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