Google Maps latest future Will be a help to Find a Public Toilet Near Your Location

Google also says that the Google My Business platform helped the map out necessary upgrades and maintenance activities for these toilets

Search giant Google recently announced the latest update in their Google map services, and this update is Showing information about the nearest public toilets and bathroom at your fingertips 

The google map platform now listed more than 57000 public toilets in more than 2300 cities across India. Uses of this future are simple, You just need to open the official website of the google map or even you can use google assistant on your smartphone. 

Go to the google map and in the search box type nearest public toilet, within a second you will get the list of all public toilets and washrooms nearby you. This feature has been rolled out in Association with the Swachh Bharat Mission and Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs.

Public toilet near me

This feature of google map help thousands of people who travel around the country, The main motto for this feature is to explore to the world about Indian Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. And we believe that making information about public sanitation facilities easily accessible to people is a key element for social good -- one that also constitutes the cornerstone of the government's Swachh Bharat campaign to promote clean habits and hygiene,” says Anal Ghosh, Senior Program Manager, Google Maps.

Google also says that the Google My Business platform helped the government monitor reviews, ratings, visits and feedback for the public toilets, which helped in mapping out necessary upgrades and maintenance activities.


How to find the nearest Public toilet while traveling?

Find Nearest Public Restroom 

If you are traveling to a new location, google map helps you to find the public toilets and bathroom near your location on your fingers tips.

Open the Google Maps on your phone (or open on your desktop browser), make sure that the location services are turned on, and type the query public toilets near me.
Google Maps will instantly show you the location of restrooms near your current location.
The feature also works inside Google Assistant. Say “OK Google” to activate the Assistant, say the command “Show me toilets near me” and it will open maps with place markers for all the toilets near your location.

If location is unavailable on your phone, or if you wish to learn about restroom in a particular location without actually being there, change your search query to use the address instead of near me.

Your query, in that case, will be to show toilets near Kishan Hotel in Bettiah or Public Restrooms in Times Square or Where can I find a bathroom in NYC.

In India alone, more than 57k toilets and restrooms in urban India can be found through Google Maps. If you are a mobile phone user in India, you can call the toll-free number 000 800 9191 000 from your Vodafone / Idea mobile and enquire about public toilets near your location.

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