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Perfect money exchanger | webmoney india | Webmoney exchanger .

Perfect money is e-currency which is mostly used in instant money transfer around the world , most in online gaming , casino, online forex trading , 
You can create perfect money account by this link  CREATE PERFECT MONEY ACCOUNT
Once you have perfect money account , you need to funding it , for funding you need a trusted perfect money exchanger , and you are on right place
Why You choose for your perfect money exchanger in India ?

We have done.

**2500+ Transactions webmoney india**

in the last 6 month!

For Instant funding your Perfect money account contact us through Whatsapp or by Call 
  • Our whatsApp no- +91-9431530088 
  • Our E-mail :- 
  • BUY = 01-10 PM         60 INR /PM
  • BUY = 10-100 PM       65 INR/PM
  • BUY = 101 -1000 PM  70 INR/PM

  • SELL = 01-10 PM         90 INR /PM
  • SELL = 11-100 PM       85 INR/PM
  • BUY = 101 -1000 PM    80 INR/PM
Beaware From Scammers as You might get calls from other country for lottery or fund freez in bank account , There is nothing to do with them once you send PM to them so avoid them , Never reply then only demand 70 USD to 100 USD for that , We( is not responsible for any kind of loss/profit with anyone."
***Dont invest with any HYIP programme bcoz almost 99% HYIP scheme are fake !
All the exchange operations can be conducted only from one unique id in perfect money that is called perfect money account id it is 7 digit no.
Perfect money login problems 
May be you are facing problems when you are trying to login in your perfect money account
Here we are going to give Major solutions 

I am giving here copy paste to know the exact news about perfect money lots of my friends and relitaves thought perfect money is scam and they arte going to shutdown their business as like as liberty reserve , But actually that is not true they have changed their login address and using mother domain ,so dnt worry about this and continue your transactions smoothly ,
The msj i got from perfect money is bellow :=
Since 2013, Perfect Money payment system has been using as its main domain name. On 26.06.2015, the Startup Research & Investments company’s board of directors reached a unanimous decision to halt the operation of the outdated domain, effective from 15.07.2015.
The decision is aimed at increasing brand recognition and enhancing the safety of Perfect Money’s customers. This important step will help our customers to avoid fake (phishing) websites created by online criminals. Our team would like to remind you that the only valid domain name for Perfect Money Please be careful and do not enter your personal or account information on any other websites. Please do not click on adverts on search engines that offer to take you to the Perfect Money official website.
We would like to take this opportunity to remind our customers that the Perfect Money team never sends out any emails that contain requests or links. Communication between our customers and Perfect Money teams is conducted wholly via a ticket system.
In line with Startup Research & Investments’ transparency policy, we disclose all major decisions by the board of directors and any other significant developments within the company to Perfect Money customers.
Stay tuned for further updates.”
Dear friends, So, you can login to your account from this link :   (Not from
My suggestion is, if you saved your PM login page in your browser toolbar, clean it and save the new ones. Hope everything will be fine. Thanks.
CPM is the most common method for pricing web ads. Advertisers frequently measure the success of a CPM campaign by its click-through rate, which is the percentage of people who saw your ad and clicked on it. For example, an advertisement that receives two clicks for every 100 impressions has a 2% CTR.Perfect money CPM is 2.3 usd 
Do you have Bitcoin and want to exchange supper fast speed with perfect money if your ans. is yes then you are on right platform, 

webmoney india

WebMoney, is an online payment settlement system. The company was founded in November 1998 in Russia as a money transfer system for United States dollars, in the wake of the 1998 Russian financial crisis that had led to increased US dollar use in Russia.[3][4]

WebMoney users' funds are stored in a "purse", which holds electronic money corresponding to an underlying asset, such as a currency.[4] The underlying assets for WebMoney units are held by a global network of companies that act as guarantors for the payment system.[5] Guarantors accept deposits in the underlying assets and issue the corresponding WebMoney units.[6] WebMoney Transfer can be used for peer-to-peer payments, and includes an escrow system.[7] It charges 0.8% of the transacted amount in fees, up to a maximum fee of €50.[7]

Among the services of WebMoney Transfer is INDX online exchange - an online tool through which one can trade derivative securities, called NOTES, which are secured by shares of public companies and other assets. Also WebMoney Transfer announced the addition of Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ether (ETH), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Ripple (XRP), Dash (DASH), Monero (XMR) linked notes to its INDX online exchange.

How do I use WebMoney? How do I exchange money through WebMoney? Do I need to have a passport?

WebMoney Transfer, commonly known as WebMoney, is an online payment settlement system established in 1998 by Russian co. It said they have over 36 million users, and over 100,000 stores accept WebMoney payments. It’s a mobile verification registeration link to your accounts.

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