Dollar2rupee - 5 Best way to Convert your dollar to Indian rupee

Dollar2rupee- 5 Best way to sent money from U.S.A To Inda with lighting Speed and Most secure Form.


Doller 2 rupees - If you have a dollar and you want it to be converted into an Indian rupee, then you are at the right place. Today, we will tell you the best 5 ways, through which you will convert your dollar2rupee in a blink of an eye. So let us know which is the method which can help you to convert  Doller2rupees.


Latest dollar2rupee rate -
So friends, all of us are aware of the old way in which the dollar is converted into rupees by the bank, if you work in the United States, you will also get salary in dollars, but when you give this money your friends or family members who are outside of USA, If you send money, it takes at least 7 days to credit in your family account, but today I will tell you a way that you will be surprised to know that even so fast dollars can be sent to India or anywhere,

5 Best way to Convert Dollar2Rupee instantly 

Friends, we are talking about the new era currency. Such as bitcoin, e-currency, cryptocurrency

  • Exchange Dollar2Rupee through Cryptocurrency 
  • Exchange Dollar2rupee through E-currency 

Through Cryptocurrency - If we talk about cryptocurrency, then it is a currency of the new era which is only in digital form. You cannot keep it like dollars or rupees, a digital wallet is required to keep it, which you can take from here. There are many types of cryptocurrency but the most famous among them is bitcoin, so let us know-how through the medium of bitcoin, any man can convert dollars into rupees or any currency in the world,

For the conversion of Doller2rupee, you have to follow 2 steps.
  • Digital wallet
  • Exchanger
You will first need a digital wallet which you can download from here. You have downloaded a digital wallet, now you have to buy bitcoins in it, for this you can click here and buy bitcoins as much as you want, you can buy bitcoins from debit cards, credit card, cash, and bank account.

Now you have bought bitcoin, now you also want to send money to someone who said that you can download a bitcoin wallet, now you can send money to your friend's wallet as much as you want directly. Now your friend or family can instantly convert Bitcoin to your local currency from any exchanger.

Exchange Dollar2rupee With E-currency 

E-Currency is also called digital currency, it is a kind of currency that you cannot feel or store like rupee or dollars, it is an online internet-based currency which you can store only and only in digital form. It is available nowadays in many types in which has something special, I would like to present them here.
  • Perfect money 
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
If you are Indian and live in America, then you have a lot of reasons to send money to India like for business, for family expenses, on a particular day, if you talk about sending money in the old way, then you get a lot of loss as the fee, with the exchange rate.

dollar2rupee - different way to sent money from usa to india

How Safe Online Transfer?

Apart from digital mode, there are Millions of NRIs living abroad send their hard-earned money to India online every day. If we talk about the most secure ways of sending money. Here are some tips to stay protected while making transactions online.

The most popular website that offers to send money from the USA to India online that means they convert dollar2rupee 

What are the different modes of payment to Convert Dollar2rupee UK to India?

  • Net Banking - The most common and popular way of sending money from the USA to India, Netbanking allows its user to Convert dollar2rupee smoothly, You can directly make a transfer from your internet banking login. 
  • Debit Or Credit Card - The second most popular way to send money from the US to India or Dollar2rupee. but this method is not allowed for a large transaction, the limit for transferring money from the US to India via this method vary bank to bank.
  • Online Transfer - Third most popular way to convert your dollar2rupee or send money from the US to India,
  • Cryptocurrency - digital currency like bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Facebook's libra are now using for converting dollar2rupee or sending money from the US to India, But remember RBI not allowed in India for this type of transaction 
  • Perfect money - Perfect money is a new generation of the online internet payment system, nowadays it is trending, this system is allowing the users to make an instant payment through the internet, officially it is not a legal way to convert dollar2rupee 

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What is the fee for Converting Dollar2rupee, say USD $1000 from the U.S to India

For sending USD $1000 from the U.S to India, 9 out of 15 players charge fees on each transfer.
  • Perfect Money instant -  0.5 %
  • Bitcoin Instant - 1%
  • Online Net banking - Up to 7 %

Dollar2rupee live exchange rate 


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